Throwback Thursday: Allen Ginsberg reads ‘Howl’ in 1959

by Matt Pizzuti

Gay poet Allen Ginsberg would have been 32 years old when this reading was recorded in 1959. Ginsberg had spent several years writing and revising Howl, an epic poem about the 1950s counterculture that crystallized not only the beat movement but freedom of expression in the United States. In 1957, San Francisco bookseller Shig Murao and publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti were arrested and tried for obscenity for distributing Howl, due the poem’s explicit descriptions of gay sex (among many other controversial themes).

Queer slang glossary: 'Tell a french joke' — one of many slang terms for rimming/anilingus.


Breaking the gay generational barrier

by Matt Pizzuti

Once a week when I was a teenager, my friends and I would drive to a gay nightclub in a warehouse district Downtown. On Thursday nights the club was alcohol-free, and 16 was the age of entry. Since there were only a handful of openly gay students at each of our high schools, if even that, the only two ways we knew of to connect with other young gay people was over the Internet, and in that club.


Jezebel ponders what Disney princes are packing

by An Unpaid Intern

Through the years there’s been much ado about Disney princesses and their bodies. The folks at Jezebel want to turn our eyes (and imaginations) over to the men — speculating what the Disney princes’ penises might look like — with illustrator Tara Jacoby to (ahem) flesh out the details. We concur, and appreciate what they’ve come up with. The featured image above is none other than The Beast (I guess his real name is “Prince Adam”… huh) who, I must say, has a really well-proportioned otter body.


Through Lacan’s looking glass

by David K.

Jacques Lacan was a French psychoanalyst who advanced the work of Freud by reinterpreting some of the masters’ basic tenets. Lacan wrote extensively of a “mirror stage” in a child’s psychological development. Lacan maintained that infants pass through a stage in which the external image of the body creates in the psyche a mental representation of the Self — or an I.


A quick point on the term ‘cisgender’

by Matt Pizzuti

Cisgender: a person who agrees with the gender assignment he/she was given as birth. In other words, cisgender is a counterpart to transgender the same way that straight is a counterpart to lesbian/gay/bisexual. A lot of people, including many gay men, object to the term cisgender, regarding it as an unwelcome “label” or even a slur. Some clarity: Cisgender means *not trans.* That’s it.


Open relationships are not about sex

by Matt Pizzuti

Let’s put political rhetoric aside and be really honest with ourselves: sexuality is a major part of social life and connection for gay men. That’s not a bad thing. Most gay men are single (even if many of them are just young and will eventually couple up), most adults who aren’t religious conservatives see nothing wrong with singles having sex, and between 40 percent and half of all gay male couples sanction some form of non-monogamy even in their long-term relationships.

Queer slang glossary: 'Gay dirt' — An attractive young man used by police to entrap and charge gay men with soliciting sex in public, or by blackmailers. [source]


New Nightcharm Tennessee Loveless mix…ElectroLust

by Tennessee Loveless

I’m sitting in a room full of moving boxes again as I set my sails for my next artist residency out in Chicago. Even though my time out here in Las Vegas was filled with a sense of seclusion in the vast sparseness of this city, I’ve come to now enjoy what I’ve seen in the city in retrospect. I seem to always fall in love with a place when I know I’m leaving it.