Get a Life! A Spiritual One

by Don Shewey

You had it when you were younger, and then you outgrew it. Or you never had it, and you never wanted it, but you’re starting to think maybe now you do. Something terrible happened and you’re trying to deal with it. Or nothing terrible happened but nothing great is happening, either. You feel a kind of restlessness or emptiness or dissatisfaction with your usual pleasures and treasures — the sex, the drugs, the music, the dancing, the travel, the boyfriend, the shopping, the house, TiVo.

Queer slang glossary: 'Slow-blow' — a long and intimate blow job using slow and deliberate movements, usually while the receiver can just lie back and relax.

Queer slang glossary: 'Fruit loop' — Working your way around the perimeter of a busy bar or party to say hello to everyone there you know. Example: I'll be right back, I'm gonna do a fruit loop.


Cuddle this: Nickie Charles’ charming illustrations

by Matt Pizzuti

If there were a Venn Diagram for gay visual artists, Nickie Charles’ portfolio would rest at the cross-section between provocative, sexy and adorable. A Canadian illustrator in Vancouver, BC who seems to have a particularly extensive knowledge of his field (which is somewhat uncommon among the queer creatives we come across on the Internet), Nickie leaves us with images of beefy, hairy men — Hipster-esque yet unabashedly masculine — who you’d really want to put your arms around.

Queer slang glossary: 'Bag lady' — A drag queen who's not pulling it off, or a gay man who makes a poor drag queen.


Full moon horoscopes for September

by Frederick Woodruff

Aries: You’re all about ‘aha’ moments throughout September. Imagine the excitement Edison experienced when he made the first light bulb light up. You can apply this same mix of expectancy and joy to just about any area of your life now. One of your main gifts is demonstrating how courage and innovation makes the world a better place. Start with your closest relationships and then work your way into community involvement.

Throwback Thursday: Walt Whitman reads ‘America’

by Matt Pizzuti

Nearly every high school student in the U.S. learns about Walt Whitman, often referred to as one of the most influential American poets and the “father of the free verse,” which is nearly ubiquitous in poetry written today. Less-known is the mentality that Whitman came from. A populist poet who initially self-published his first collection Leaves of Grass, Whitman divorced poetry from its cerebral, high-cultured connotations and spoke directly to the common person in plain, moving, and even titillating language.


Beyond the body: the fluids are half the fun

by Abdul Hameed

It seems that in this age of safer sex, men’s body fluids have become taboo, and the wetter the action the more forbidden it’s become. There are now even special terms for buttfucking without a condom: “bareback” and “raw.” It’s not politically correct to advocate unsafe sex, but allow me to boldly state a generally unspoken fact — fluid exchange is what it’s all about.

Queer slang glossary: 'Cottaging' — Cruising or hooking up in public bathrooms.


The body politic: A no-size-fits-all physical ideal

by Nightcharm

The diet and fitness industry runs on predatory deception, selling the dream that any shape can be sculpted and molded into a universally-desired end result. How many ads feature two completely separate and unrelated people — one heavyset, the other body perfect — morphing into one another like water poured into a vase? The reality is that human anatomy is too varied and reliant on biological constraints to ever be as malleable as clay, with even the coveted Olympian standard proving to have widely diverse scale.

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