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What’s The Slutiest Thing You Ever Did?

by David K.

I fucked a figure skating judge on an empty hotel ballroom floor so that the girl I was coaching would get a higher score. She did.

I have a friend who, after spending Saturday night at the baths, shit out a rubber on Tuesday.

I once blew a fat 60 yr. old manager of a KFC for a bucket of fried chicken.

I fucked a guy on the greyhound bus, and came on the seat. As I was getting off the bus, an old man sat in my cum.

I love the mix of intellectual, political, gossipy, bitchy and certifiably insane hobnobbing that goes down on our favorite online queer wateringhole, The Data Lounge — and this current topic of discussion — slutism — kept me laughing all afternoon — (plus some of the confessions are sizzlin’ hot. But beware, as one poster notes: You can get herpes reading this thread.)

So, before you head out for your Friday night — do tell!

  • Travis

    I admit I’m a slut, but even I draw the line at sucking a fat 60 year old for a bucket of fried chicken!

  • Ann Will

    Oh, David, I though *you* fucked the figure skater instructor! One more job to add to your illustrious job history…

  • Michael S

    Way back in the confused days of my twenties I made the unexplainable mistake of marrying a woman, albeit a beautiful, charming, intelligent, and very funny woman; still a gay man really has no business marrying a woman–period! All that aside, we eventually divorced after three years of a fun, though dismally sexless marriage. It was upon our meeting up again after a few years living far apart I finally confesed to my dear ex, that before we married I had sex with her stunningly beautiful brother once……a week…..for about two years. Does that make me a slut…..or an opportunist?