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Patrick Fillion: The League of Super-Hung Superheroes

by John Calendo

"I once took part in an orgy like the ones I draw," says French-Canadian illustrator Patrick Fillion, whose Class Comics has been delivering rock-hard cock and ripped physiques to Superhero fans for the last three years. "But I decided I was more into the 1-on-1 stuff than the 1-on-5."

At 32, Fillion is poised to become the Stan Lee of gay comics. This June, he debuts his first all-color comic, The Rapture, which will feature not only his own work but a stable of artists, colorists and writers that might rightly be called the School of Patrick. They will be working in the illustrator’s trademark style, spotlighting his trademark characters, like Naked Justice (the redhead in the red mask, above), Ghostboy (the Kabuki-masked stud in blue) and Deimos, a fallen angel with devil horns and goatee (left) who, whether in Heaven or Hell, just can’t help being very popular.

Fillion, who never uses models, never went to art school either. “I applied to Emily Carr here in Vancouver. They turned me down and told me that I could teach cartooning!” He subsequently taught himself anatomy by studying “tons of muscle-building magazines" (a pastime we’re sure our readers are familiar with.) "I prefer to work without a net," he says of his decision not to use models. Actually, a mere human body would only slow his imagination down!

But it’s not just his understanding of the body that is amazing, his backgrounds are beautifully nuanced, as well. Note, for instance, the moody window shadows in the Deimos picture, above, the tense wrinkling of the red sheets, the restless folds of the pillow. There’s nothing remotely Mickey Mouse about the art of Patrick Fillion.

"I’ve always felt that the erotic should be unusual, never ‘normal,’" Fillion says of his subject matter. "Locus, my bug boy, is erotic because he’s exotic. He’s the unknown to us, the mysterious, the fantastic. What would his skin feel like? What would it be like to kiss a boy with green skin and antennae? It’s a mystery, and it’s exciting."

Another unique signature of the Patrick Fillion Superhero is that he’s usually a bottom (or as we modern guys say, "versatile.") "Sure, my Superheroes are sexy and hung like horses,” he contends, “but the bottom side of them allows me to tell a more emotional story. However, I wish to point out that my tops are just as sweet!"

The illustrator admits that occasionally his fans get carried away. "Sometimes, I receive fan mail that makes me blush!," he says. "Certain fans have pretty interesting notions about the type of person I am! But truth be told, I am a one-man guy, very romantic and very devoted." Patrick, in fact, is business-partners with his long-term boyfriend, Fraz. "I think for me, certain fantasies are best left on paper!"

Still, so powerful are his fantasies that they began expressing themselves before he was quite old enough to do anything about them. "By the age of 11, I was drawing naked guys, unsure of what it all meant. My characters were leading double lives… in one life they had regular adventures, which I shared with friends and family, and in another, they were having Superhero adventures in the buff."

Patrick soon figured what was up when he kept re-reading a comic where Spiderman got stripped by a mob of hypnotized villagers. "They tore at his costume and shredded it until only little scraps were left to cover the poor hero. I remember cherishing that issue of Spider-Man and pulling it out often, to relive the shredding of the costume. Spidey just seemed so beautiful to me, and so noble, willing to endure so much harm so as not to hurt the innocent, mind-controlled people "

Below, Patrick stands with his Superboys, most notably Camili-Cat, the "Felinoid" he first drew when he was 12. (The cat boy seems to be a bit of a self-portrait, huh, Patrick?) As for his lifelong attraction to fantastic Supermen, Patrick believes it has a lot to do with growing up gay:

"You can feel pretty alone and lost as a gay child. Sometimes having a safe fantasy place to escape to is very healthy. As a child, science fiction permits you to let your mind go nuts and have a bit of fun. As an adult, it’s important to remain young at heart. Letting yourself enjoy fantasy material is a great way to do this, in my opinion."

You can purchase Patrick Fillion’s comics or his new line of Superhero T-shirts, mousepads and boxer shorts at Class Comics on the web

©2005 Nightcharm

  • LAO

    How does somebody get hold of these beautiful comics?

  • http://www.nightcharm.com John Calendo

    Thank you Lao for pointing out that the Class Comics link in the first graph might be easily missed.

    I added the last graph to help all our readers learn more about this beautiful man’s beautiful work.

    John Calendo

  • Kevin

    My god! This is fantastic. Thank you guys for featuring this. I’m ready to fallo ver — the colors, the determined lines — the COCKS! Bravo Patrick!

    Thanks Nightcharm for getting better and better with your stuff. Nobody does it better!


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  • Adam

    thank you for your great fantastic gay cartoon. I liked it very much. Hope see more of gay cartoon or photos in future.


  • angel

    The cartoons were hot and they are, good job, you need so make more of them, so I can continue to love them

  • shane

    I like your comics and i wanna know how did you convince your family to draw naked people.

  • summer

    hey, awesome comixxx…very sexy. i love ‘em.

  • http://bestribsaround.com Matt

    hey guys great comix..i am working for some gay magazinez so please mail me with more info ..:)

  • Gian-Carlo

    hey – i loved great comix let me dream also other adventure about all heros mmmmmmmmm hope to see more.
    big kisses from switzerland

  • Jakub

    I love the great detail. In another artist’s opinion, I can tell that you put a lot of hard work into your art. I get a sense of reality when I see the characters, meaning I can feel their character come to life. I feel their personality emerge from their facial expressions, their body posture, among other things. It’s pure genius, what you have given us, & I thank you for your innovative talent & expression. Kudos to you. *wink*

  • Joseph

    The comics are great…but Patrick Fillion is BEAUTIFUL. Woof!

  • Ula

    great. i love this stuff!! i’ve tried to make a gay comic too…but its looked like a shit after i see yours…!! nice works.

  • michele bidin

    ho 54 anni vorrei conoscere di più queste comics cartoon

  • Steve

    Im a big fan of patricks work he is an amazing artist i would love to talk to him about his work, being an artist my self.

  • http://wildboy696hotmail.com wildboy

    this artist look awesome..

  • Dwight O’Connell

    hey send me all of ur hot naked guys…they r HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really like the big DICKS!!!!!

  • charles diaz

    love the cartoons want too see more cant wait!!

  • wilson Morales

    Quisiera recibir dibujos de hombres gay y de tus historias gracias

  • willming

    I love your style of drawing, espicially the color do u mind tell me what kind of technique do you use? like what kind of software?
    it’s hard to use pen to do that, not possible but hard.

    if u could tell me that would be great
    thank you

  • john

    o god my cock is huge because of those pics. please send me as many more as u can. i have to go jack of now. love it

  • andi

    actually i don’t read the comic, but i’ve seen the pics
    of Patrick Filion comic
    and i deciding cos i really sure that THIS IS THE BEST COMIC I EVER KNOW, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!
    Viva Patrick Fillion!

  • myko

    great art work and concepts, will love adding these to my colletion

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  • Benoit Boucher-Godmer

    Hello Patrick,

    Hi I’m Ben! I’m young artist student and I would like to say you that you are my favorite artist because you know how touch the young gay person whit your art . And I like (les artistes qui provoques). Sorry, my english writting it’s not very god.
    But my message it’s juste for tell you, you are my artiste model. Thank you and I hope have a answer of you! xxx Beny

  • Benoit Boucher-Godmer

    Bonjour Patrick,

    Je me sens un peu ridicule de t’avoir écrit en anglais, je ne savais pas que tu venais du québec. Je veux juste te dire que tu es mon artiste préféré. Tu es le seul artiste que je connais qui est, premièrement comme moi, et deuxièmement qui peut provoquer le gens hétéro lol. Non sérieux je voudrais savoirou je pourrais me procurer tous tes oeuvres parce que j’ai juste pu trouver la petite boite contennant cinq petit livre. J’aimerais aussi savoir ou as tu trouver l’énergie mais surtout le ghost pour faire se genre d’art. Mon j’étudie au collège lionel-groulx en art et je dois toujours me restreindre a une sorte d’art mais grace a toi je peux mettre ma petite touche. Tu es vraiment un artiste que j’admire et je te dit me ne pas lâcher. Au plaisir d’avoir une petite réponse de tapart. xxx Beny

  • Simon Geiser

    real hot i love it

  • anal

    that was the best one… i want to be a part of it

  • billyjoyle

    Hot,hot,hot,hot, huge fucking dicks.

  • Allen

    I’m not gay, but when I happened upon the Patrick Fillion website; by mistake actually, I became rock hard and wanted to see more – awesome artwork, awesome and beautiful characters – I’m still not gay, but can’t wait to get my hands on these comics – “bisexual,” maybe!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love Locus’s big fucking cock!

  • Nonone

    This ppl are super sexy im getting hard already!

  • Nonone

    This is my favorite site! But I want to see more young gays

  • Nonone

    Me again,

    I wanna see more aliens! Their sexy

  • http://www.myspace.com/general_lee_85 Jimmy


    You are my inspiration. I love to read your comics and they bring me relief that my life is not just another living soul. It is actually worth more than I know. Even though they are just books of fantasy, they are the strenght for gay men that are masc. and tough and fem. I really enjoy your work and sometimes get carried away but o well sh.. happens. Thanks for keeping up the great work. All the best wishes to you my friend. The next time I am in Cananda I will look you up.

    Your Fan Of Art,


  • http://www.masculineimage.net Dan Drew

    He’s an inspiration!

  • dimitri

    I saw Patrick’s stuff in Greece, but also remember works by Alvarez and an english guy called Tim who was doing a strip for “Babel” which was never printed in the end (too gay?). The vibrant European BD tradition has made these artists superior to the ones in the States and in the UK generally- they know anatomy and they know how to draw dicks: they also have an intelligent and wicked sense of humour! Mitsos

  • Anonymous

    Whenever I see Locus I have a gay fantasy. Well, it starts out with me at age 12, and I`m walking my dog in the park. A UFO lands in front of me and Locus walks out. He is the same age as me and starts talking to me. Locus is naked and I`m having a massive erection. After 10 minutes, we are naked, copulating, sucking cocks and balls, kissing, admiring our beautiful dicks, slapping each others`s asses, and talking about being parents. Oh, who am I kidding! Keep up your sexy stuff, Patrick!

  • Kevin


  • Charles

    great stuff man
    i love thosse big dicks and nice bodies
    i got rock hard in a second man
    keep postin more stuff
    and once again i LOVE the big dicks ;)

  • Vince rescue725

    this is just where my cock wants to be

  • Steve

    Patrick… I have just discovered your art, literally the images on this page are the first that I’ve seen. Just this sampling is amazing. I’ve read the other postings from admirers of your art characters and their endowments. I agree with them… but I’d much rather explore the man himself than just his art. With your imagination and creativity there’s no doubt that anyone that captures your attention (and heart?) is lucky indeed. If you live in southern CA and need a friend….

  • Anonymous


  • nathan

    This is so bad ass

  • http://mesheng.com mike

    great pictures

  • Cameron

    I first came across Patrick’s stuff in San Francisco when I saw an issue of Satisfaction Guaranteed and I was hooked. I’m glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves.

  • juny

    I like it this , but I want see very young and big cock for real boy and cartons

  • xxx man

    this shit is so fuckin hot

  • kanaabi

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  • kanaabi

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