New Josman: It was a Dark and Stormy Night...

Josman on the High Seas

Josman you take our breath away every time! For long moments we grow dizzy!

More than just the wind is blowing in this series of storm-at-sea illustrations from Nightcharm's master artist Josman. But wait it gets better! The hot 'toons are coupled with a new Inner Circle beat-off tale from master storyteller Bob Vickery, one of Nightcharm's most popular writers.

In Blown Out to Sea, a schooner gets tossed about in a storm while two shipmates do some tossing and turning of their own in a tiny hammock, with all the lanterns swaying above them. Complications -- as is their delightful wont in such tales -- follow. Soon our salty seamen are having abandoned sex with total strangers!

Now how does one meet total strangers in the middle of a vast, empty ocean somewhere in the South Pacific? We did mention that Bob Vickery is a master storyteller, yes? You'll just have to wait and see. Here's a taste (the narrator is the redheaded lad at right):

I drag my tongue down the Peruvian fisherman's neck, tracing a course across his chest, swirling around the nipples, delivering gentle bites. He follows my progress with his lips to my ear, crooning torrents of filthy-sounding Spanish. I sink to my knees with his voice still invoking low, guttural curses then drag my tongue across his torso, into his belly button, across the hard-ridged abs.

The boat we have boarded has just hauled in a ton of fish. Tuna lie everywhere on the deck in silvery piles, some still flapping around. My knees scrape on the fish scales, slipping about in the sea slime that coats the deck. The Peruvian fisherman's cock looms above my face. It is thick and gnarled with veins, coffee colored, the flared head purple. I bury my nose in balls so large they sag in a fleshy sac that is as purple-black as twilight. I breathe in their strange, rank musk and for long moments I grow dizzy...

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