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Jon Vincent: The King of Top

by David K.

Butch-rugged handsome and nerve-rattling raunchy, foul-mouthed fuck machine Jon Vincent was the Barbra Streisand of queer porn: Always the center, larger than life and fueled by a self-loving vulgarity that made his performances Legend. Like Streisand, Vincent never allowed himself to just “play a role,” he was too intent on topping — and stopping — the show.

His mix of gay for pay ingredients was crazy-making and classic: “Straight,” married and a father — Vincent was a professional baseball player turned competitive bodybuilder who decided to hustle and make porn as something fun to do on the side — and to support his nascent drug habit. His on-set verbal pyrotechnics, merciless ass-poundings and danger-level testosterone made him neon and golden within the grindingly boring world of faked butchness queer porn. It didn’t hurt that he developed a reputation for off camera aggressiveness too, striking terror into mild-mannered co-stars and easy-going directors. Vincent was an unruly handful — and we loved him for it.

Critic Gary Giddins wrote: “Vulgarity has its place, but only when animated by emotional generosity.” Vincent was no emotional cheapskate. He pumped heartfelt excitement and buckets of sweat into even the most dullard couplings. And god help the actors he actually clicked with — couches were destroyed, buttholes decimated, all for the sake of his art. To date, a small collection of his fierce topping scenes are still discussed with minute, breathy veneration on queer message boards and forums all across the net. Everyone seems to have his favorite Jon Vincent “moment.”

By the time of Vincent’s death, in May of 2000, a distinct fissure appeared within the gay adult video world — factions were clearly defined, markets clearly divided. In the new century hardcore was either Above or Underground. The former offered manicured, managed, nearly arid safe-sex porn productions, the later everything Dionysian and dangerous: A cottage industry of hand held-cameras, “real” man-man sex within the wet-hot, back room world of barebacking, cum-eating and fisting — with everything from fists to bald heads and traffic cones.

Our 4 Favorite Jon Vincent Moments

4. Topping Joey Stefano in Falcon’s Revenge.
3. Busting open Danny Sommers in Vivid’s Blue Collar/White Heat.
2. The wild reaming of Rob Cryston in Catalina’s The Bite.
1. The frightening, near-splitting in-half of Matt Gunther in In Hand’s Deep Inside John Vincent.

Jon Vincent gay porn star supremeLike Hades, Vincent could have easily traversed both of these worlds. His hyper-masculinity was intrinsic and theatric. The very best sort of combo. Vincent was dangerous wearing a condom — before barebacking was even a post-AIDS concept. He brought the unfettered, risk-taking spirit of underground porn to the late 80s and mid-90s masses. Today, no amount of leathering or tattooing or piercing or stud-bluffing can mimic what Vincent offered in the simple act of being naked and nasty and fucking someone’s ass until he saw Jesus. For that reason he represents the very last moment within queer porn when a seemingly straight guy could venture before the cameras and really make us believe in the power of domination or joy of submission. Where others fake it, Jon Vincent made it, was it, owned it, rode it and worked it.

You know it, bitch!

The rest is sad and all about The Wane. Placed within the context of dead porn stars, his history in gay and bi-sex videos reads like just another stumbling, charisma-draining happening — not the wild thrusts and banging crescendos of Jon Vincent Superstar grabbing a young Faunlet by the haunches and taking him (and us) higher — NOW! Of that he gave us nearly 10 years worth of thrills. I suppose it’s not right to grumble.

He was born Jeffrey James Vickers in New Orleans on December 17, 1962. At twenty he was signed to play baseball with the Kansas City Royals, but a coke-related bust, a year later, had him fired, in shock and psychologically wounded. He told a reporter that his debacle had broken his father’s heart. From there it was on to competitive bodybuilding and queer porn. Drugs came calling — and then rehab — and then more drugs — and then, on May 3, 2000, after successfully auditioning for the part of an ex-con in the New York production of Ten Naked Men, Vincent was found dead on his kitchen floor. The coroner ruled his death a suicide because gobs of undigested Valium were discovered in his stomach. Long-time friends claim it was just John celebrating too hard. An accidental heroin overload.

His director and friend Dino Colbert told Adult Video News shortly after his death:

“I was truly one of the few [directors who] could handle his short attention span and temper. He didn’t hesitate to put his fist through a wall or terrorize a director or two. And his scene partners had to be forewarned that he might grab their hair and pound them against a headboard or a wall…He was the most intense model I’ve ever worked with.”

And the most intense star we ever imagined playing with.

Jon Vincent proved that nasty, aggressive sex is both a profoundly exciting pornographic spectacle and a metaphoric representation of transformation and self-discovery. Watching Vincent bellow, growl and fuck was like taking a private, self-administered lie detector test. One had to ask: “Am I having that much fun? And if not, why?” For his nearly cartoonish masculine fervor, feral dirty-talk, and making us secretly wonder — while stroking our meat — we’ll be eternally grateful.

Our 10 Favorite Jon Vincent Dirty-Talking Lines

10. Yeah, suck it good — let it talk to ya baby.
9. This is no dream baby, this is happening.
8. Let it breathe a second — and then go back down on it.
7. I’m gonna drive that juice up into ya baby.
6. I just don’t know how nasty I can get.
5. I’m gonna pop that back wall baby.
4. You love getting your ass sprung. Let me feel it inside your stomach.
3. I gotta go in baby, yeah, I gotta go in. It’s mine and I’m gonna take it.
2. Oh you little bitch. You like that penetration. Oh daddy likes fucking you, you little bitch.
1. Let me go in deep. Here it comes baby. There it is. Doing damage baby, it’s doing damage.

For more about the fabulous Jon Vincent you might want to check out the following:

A Thousand and One Night Stands: The Life of Jon Vincent by H. A. Carson.

Several years ago there was mention of a documentary in the making, titled The Jon Vincent Story, but we haven’t heard much more about it since.

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  • Loves Henry’s Owner

    Jon Vincent looks like a buff Jackie Gleason.

  • Me

    There’s a full moon out this cold Christmas Night, and I am hankering to warm up by the fire with THE BITE. Anyone care to JON me? LOL

  • focker

    woah i think i just came

  • BlowBuddy

    I’ve only seen two Jon Vincent scenes – both awesome – but he didn’t suck cock in either of them. Did he give head as aggressively as he fucked? Can anyone tell me the titles of the videos?

  • LovesHenry’sOwner

    BlowBuddy, I saw Jon suck cock in TWO scenes…one in HEAVENLY and one in DEEP INSIDE JON VINCENT, and personally I don’t think he gave head as aggressively as he fucked, however if haven been given the opportunity I would never have turned Jonny Vee down. No SIR~EE!

  • Richard

    Jon was a great guy. I met him at one of his last live shows in NYC. He came out with a psuedo Karate-Robe and head band and wanted to be spanked, hard. He kept complaining that I wasn’t swatting hard enough. In between sets, we made a date (for pay) and he wound up staying the night. I’m pretty sure he was high, and it got added to as we played. I saw him a few times afterwards and he was not shy about asking for money in advance. He also loved valium, I remember I always gave him what I had (it was prescribed) and twice, he took me out when meeting a client who wanted a three-some. I was blonde and cute and looked young (but I was tall as he was). I remember that when we were together, he was sweet and affectionate as hell, but on both visits out, he was “the actor” Jon Vincent. I actually didn’t like that part of it, but what the hell, we made a lot of money, and I let him keep it (I didn’t need it – he did) and then he disappeared and then I read that he had OD’d. I do know it was an accident. This was a man who enjoyed life. He felt he could be a legit actor and get out of the business he was in, and he wanted to get off of drugs, but he said he liked having a good time and if it was there, he used. He hated being mothered or fathered, and he was enormously proud. He was a person who was born with certain skills, a hell of a lot of charisma and charm and he knew how sexual he was. I remember having a conversation with him, he was asking me some questions, but he was standing naked, maybe a foot away from me. I had difficulty concentrating on what he was saying, and he knew it and called me on it. He knew he was sexy, but he didn’t want his friends to find him sexy — It was odd. I know he liked me, and I think that why we became “work-buddies” more so that sex wouldn’t mean anything. But, at the end of the day, he cared about people, was kind, very funny and boisterous, but he also had a real need to be seen as a person, accomplished and not dependant on his physical looks or sexual prowess, but on talent and ability. He was a man of contradictions, and deeply honest and loathe at hurting anyone, accidentally or on purpose. He loved making people happy and had difficulty accepting any limitation he may have had. All that being said, he hated not looking good. He hated his stomach (said no matter what he did, he couldn’t get it to look like like he wanted it to look) and always thought he was overweight! He had some odd ideas about what was sexy (he didn’t use deodorant, for one thing) but at the end of the day, he just wanted to be liked and respected. I don’t think he ever knew how many people generally liked him. I miss him and I was crazy about him. I’ll stop going on, because I could write all night and not really get at the root of who he was. He was scared and sweet and infinately tolerant of everyone but himself. He was a genuinely good man who never really believed that. He was Jeff and he was Jon and he was lonely and he was popular. He’s impossible to sum up in a few sentences. He would have loved this site.

  • http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/SecretWhispers LovesHenry’sOwner

    “We made alot of money”…”and then he disappeared”…

    I dare you to entertain the fact that he is not dead.

    Jon Vincent his alter ego is no longer with us, but Jeff Vickers the MAN, still very much is!

    I saw him at a Family Dollar in the city where I live in October 2007.

    You are so correct, he is extremely sexual and has that charm and charisma you spoke of, even tho the man I saw that day was unkempt, overweight, and had a hangover, buying a prepaid cellphone card with cash. (Only ppl with cash these days are prostitutes and waitresses. You do the math.)

    I knew immediately when I laid eyes on him that it was Jon/Jeff. And when he moved, walked, and spoke to the cashier my suspicions were confirmed. Yeah, that was Jon Vincent’s voice, swagger and stance. I did not try to interact with him. He woulda probably asked “What’s a nice lady like you doing mixed up in the seedy underworld of gay porn?” Good question! I love men. I love watching men make love, even to eachother.

    Does he live here? Maybe, or maybe he was just passing through. It was a low populated area where I ran into him. But then again, alot of Hurricane Katrina victims from LA, the area where he’s originally from, made their way to this city to start a new life.

    After he paid for the phone card he walked next door to the laundromat and met up with a non-descript woman, I was now in my car and in a hurry to get to an appointment. He was wearing a very expensive looking blue jean jacket, but worn blue jeans and a t-shirt. Dirty tennis shoes. Puffy face, bloodshot eyes. Had a slight pot belly. AND he wasn’t 6’2″, more like 5’8″. Never mind, he was still delicious, at least to me.

    I think he pulled an ELVIS on us. I think he wanted out of the business. I think he wanted some semblance of a normal life, and I think he is still addicted and plays around for cash to pay for his drugs/entertainment. I think he is living off of and using that woman here in town and living here under yet another pseudonym, maybe like DAVE PHILLIPS–the name he used briefly early on in his career. I think he wants to be left alone too which is why I don’t pursue trying to pin him down here in this town. I’m moving out of state next month anyway…

    He is probably very much aware of this forum, and the very good yahoo groups featuring Jon Vincent.

    So we can stop mourning over this FUCKING PORN GOD, and say MORE POWER TO YA JONNY VEE! We love you Jeff but we also want you to be happy. I remember when I found out he was dead and read the book Hope Carson published I grieved because the man I had so much fun watching in the videos and dreaming about was actually MISERABLE behind it all. He never really had any FUN. He never got to find inner peace and stability.

    Well I want to say get a grip, Jeff Vickers. Deep down I think your fans only want you to be happy. And deep down as you can plainly see, it aint just about sex. WE FELL IN LOVE WITH Y-O-U. NOW LOVE YOURSELF. GREAT BIG HUGS!!!

  • http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/SecretWhispers LovesHenry’sOwner

    Jon Vincent was the ELVIS of gay porn.

  • wildchild

    I just have to say How sorry I am that Jon has passed.
    Obviously his family & Fans both loved him.
    I had the pleasure of meeting him in 1998 in NYC.
    I had just gotten out of a cab and he was walking down 43rd st
    he was wearing a red t-shirt. He asked me for a cigareete and we sat on a stoop and talked. Jon asked me if I recoginzed him? I didn’t
    He asked me if I knew where to get drugs. I did
    We partied at my place for a couple of hrs. He talked about his life and how tired he was from everything and how he wanted to be someone else.Jon felt burnt out.
    He was lost.
    We layed in bed just talking & doing drugs he was a very gentel soul.
    I later realized who he was And when I heard of his death I cried.

    he was just a stranger I met on the streets of NY.
    but I will always remember that incounter never forget JON VINCENT

  • AlphaGirl

    Well – I am a straight female. When I was seventeen I saw a pic of an incredible handsome man, almost naked and I bought the magazine, which was a gay one, I don´t recall the name…JON VINCENT was HOT, HANSOME and I never had a problem with the fact that he WAS/WASN’T gay.

    He was my sex simbol, and I really think it´s very sad the way he ended up…but that´s life.

    R.I.P Sweetie!

  • Micheal

    His book was nonsense. He was a hustler. PERIOD! They are ALL the same. Poor pitiful me, I will now rip you off.

  • Thomas

    Is there anyone out here who can give me news about porn star DOMINO ? He was – as far as I can remember – a super bottom in the eighties and I never saw a whole vid on him, just a few fragments and pics.

  • fab1

    I don’t know, I always remember Jon fucking Kevin Williams pretty rough in a train from the movie The Look, I think it’s called Don’t Stop the Train. Has anybody else seen that? His scenes with Matt Gunther were great, too, of course, but Kevin Williams real takes the cake….

  • Max

    My name is Max and I am the son of the actor you guys know as Jon Vincent. I always thought I was straight until I found out my dad’s history. Now I constantly fantasize about getting fucked, and sometimes in the fantasies the top if my father.

  • Max

    In my fantasies, the top IS my father, that is.

  • Dean

    My Jon/Jeff story isn’t very special, but I have been reading all the posts on here. I met Jon on Columbus Ave in Manhattan back in 91 or 92, I really can’t remember which. I was a buyer for a department store and I used to travel to NYC every month for market, I did that for 8 years. Anyway, I was in the city one weekend and I had gone out for a run. I was wearing a LSU t-shirt, LSU cap and shorts and NIKE’s. I hear someone yelling “LSU, Hey LSU”, well I knew it had to be me. I stopped and this handsome guy jogged over smiling at me. “Did you go to LSU?” During the short conversation he told me he was from Baton Rouge, I told him I was born in New Orleans and went to LSU. He just laughed and said he was born in New Orleans too. I was just a year older than he was. I asked if he lived in NYC and he told me he was here for work……which I was too.

    He asked what I was doing later. The only thing I had planned that night was to go to my favorite burger place and have some supper. He met me there bout 2 hours later and had burgers, fries and they made great shakes, I had one, he didn’t. We talked about Baton Rouge and the places we both knew. After supper, I walked back to the condo and he got a cab. It was months later when I saw him in a video…….and I said, I met this guy. I was stunned and kicked myself……I was just so stupid in those days.

    Anyway, Jon/Jeff was a really nice guy. I am sorry to read what happened to him. The LSU guy says God bless and I hope you are at peace.

  • http://luiseiderp67@hotmail.com luis eider paez russi

    hi luis eider paez russi .colombianos.bogotanos..mmmmrrrriiii ppor disssss esta paracitco es hetero pero que poritase hasta ahora sebace de rogarrrrriiiiiiii.chao. love ….

  • Dave

    It doesn’t surprise me that the comments here seem from the heart as well as from the groin. I hooked up with him in West Hollywood a few years before his death and he was a very captivating mix of compassion and animal intensity. Fans of his films might not want to know that off the set this was a man who was very caring for others. Addiction did a number on that when he was jonesing for a fix and driven to madness. There’s something very sexy about a big, strong, confident man who’s not afraid to be kind. And not shy about taking what he needs.

    “Be quiet, my wife is sleeping in the next room.” I fell in love with him before we went to bed and afterward my ass and I were fans for life. His wife, or a woman he called he wife, was very sweet, very genuine and I fell for her too. It was obvious they loved each other. There was a sadness in her eyes that I didn’t figure out til later, that suggested she knew where he was headed. And knew that she might be able to keep him from the end for a while but not for long. Jon’s story would make a good movie. Right for the times. It might save a few lives. You thought Boogie Nights was real? It wouldn’t be anything like Boogie Nights.

  • USMCvet

    I just watched A Day in the Life with Vincent fucking Somers. Being completely objective, it wasn’t anything to write home about. I fuck harder than that…seriously. Either Somers was a complete wuss at that point in his porn career and couldn’t take a small-to-medium size cock, or there was really good acting. Personally, I think it’s a combination of both.

    The only thing Vincent had for him was his incredibly nice ass. That thing is awesome in pics. His face is nothing to look at; grab a brown paper bag.

  • Roby

    Does anyone know if Jon did a scene with Chad Knight? I’m remembering a scene where Chad (think it was chad) is his roommate and Jon comes home from a date and chad is jerking off lights go on nd Jon wants to know what chad is doing. They chat and Jon explains just because he had a date it didn’t mean he got his rocks off. Anyway they wind up in Jon’s bed and suck and fuck. I use to have the movie but lost it when I moved once and could never remember the name of the film. Searching Vincent and Knight film titles I’ve never found anything.

  • James

    So many of you have met, done drugs with, or are related to dead porn actor Jon Vincent that I suspect every damn one of you is completely full of shit. God how tiresome.