Josman: Dad Sneaks Off to the Buddy Booths (Again)

Shock of recognitionYou never know whom you're going to see at the dirty book store.

And if you're a married guy on the low, low, how low-can-you-go down, you may have a lot of thrills and chills in your future.

The shock of recognition, for instance. That one's a bitch.

And that kind of zingy, tingling alarm is really what Family Values, our new Inner Circle story by master-writer Bob Vickery, is all about (with illustrations by the great Josman):

Here's a taste (But watch it! It may be too hot for you, Orson!):

I push the buddy-booth button. The opaque glass wall goes clear, and there's the guy, with his jeans around his ankles, stroking his dick, his balls tight and plump underneath. His face is more relaxed now, more animated, and his wide, strong mouth curves up into a faint smile. Our eyes lock, and we eye-fuck each other as his hand slowly slides up and down ...

And that's just an inkling of what's about to ... um ... come.


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