...And Naked Justice For All


Naked Justice adjusts the colorSupersize me, baby.

Everything in Patrick Fillion's comic-book wonderland is bigger than life and four times as natural.

In his latest Class Comic, entitled, with charming directness, The Incredibly Hung Naked Justice (that’s our boy at left) -- we follow the sexploits of a superhero who is forever bursting out of his clothes to don thigh-high boots and spandex opera gloves.

He wears nothing else — but, then this guy's nothing is anybody else's pornucopia of riches: headlight pecs with big, chewy nips and a humdinger of a mantool that rates its own zip code.

It's no surprise then that when he does battle with super villains, it all turns into an interspecies fuckfest.

Everybody gets it on with everything -- and we do mean every thing: No creature is too alien for Fillion's imagination to deck out in multiple dicks and puckered a-holes.

Baron Von PhallusThere's even one archnemesis in the new issue who's a squid -- except all his tentacles are snaky human cocks, plundering poor, lucky Naked Justice in every orifice at once. The squid then rematerializes as a Medusa-like man -- Baron Von Phallus -- bearing a head of hair that's a jungle of thick, drippy cocks.

In the Class Comic oeuvre, villains are always fabulous tricks first, world-destroyers second.

Heavily influenced by Marvel and DC Comics, apparently modeled on the Flash (another lover of red spandex), Naked Justice comes on the scene reciting spoofy send-ups of Marvel Comics dialogue with homo-sensational touches. Witness his first superhero entrance in this issue:

"Stop right there, evildoers" he begins as he confronts weird-o aliens robbing a bank, not bothering to stop them until his aria of self-congratulation is done.

"I am Naked Justice! I am your worst nightmare! The thorn in your side! The reason you don't feel quite so fresh! The guy who ends a lot of his sentences with an exclamation point! I am here to foil your foul plan! Now unhand that hunky clerk, so I don't get blamed for his bruises later tonight."

Fillion's comics are always loaded with broad puns and spoofs on the homo-looking but sexually locked-up world of the Spidermans and Superboys. Here in the new comic is a super-villainess trying to paralyze our hero with her va-va-voom breasts

The Baron does his worst (best)"Look deep into my nipples, Naked Justice. No man can resist the hypnotic power of my Areola Borealis"

Our hero is clearly unmoved:

"Sweetie, I think it's time you had your gaydar checked. Your titanic tits could never distract me from my dick-sucking, pillow-biting, man-worshiping queerness."

Fillion is now producing his entire line of gay-porn comics in color, and Naked Justice's first foray into Over-the-Rainbow Technicolor is an orgy of colors not seen outside of Bollywood.

Cocks, for instance, are as tan as the bodies they hang from but cockheads are always slipping out of there crumpled sheaths to show themselves a softly glowing pink.

There is a moist, fleshy literalism to the cockhead that departs from the more lyrical cartoon style of the figure. Actually the cocks are more than moist, they're usually dripping, spurting or trailing joyjuice.

As we would expect from Patrick Fillion, execution in Naked Justice #1, The Full Color Edition is gorgeous and the design is often beautiful, for all its intersecting frames and sexual chaos. His bouncy round lines, his overabundant butts and pecs, the pendulous ball sacs, the outsized, always overwhelming cocks are somehow fabulously vulgar; never crude.

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