Huessein: Too Dark. Too Hairy. Too Much!

It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it

Rich or poor. Gay or straight. It's an old saying of the Dali Lama but still true today: Everybody looks the same with their legs in the air.

Even when the bottom is a great porn star like Bo Knight (above). But today's reading will not concern the bottom. We shall be meditating on the top.

Can we speak frankly? What is it about ugly guys? Why are they so -- despite everything else -- hot?

And horny.

Well, horny we can figure. Horny must come with the territory. But maybe that's why they are hot. Because they're always ready.

Hussein and BoTake Huessein, the hairy number and break-out star of a recent slew of Raging Stallion porn reels (above and at right with a red-faced Bo). Obviously, Huessein is somebody's dream machine, and we understand that his rugged, mechanical action suggests pistons in motion.

And yes, we get the vibe of his nom de porn (as well as its coy misspelling).

The name is surely intended to capitalize on -- now how shall we put this without causing riots, bloodshed and the storming of embassies throughout Europe -- the hair-trigger horniness of guys coming from a certain backward-looking culture where women are hidden in plain sight, casual sex can be punished by beheadings in public squares, and where the nights are full of young men and boys contemplating an enormous, empty sky full of stars.

As well as each other.

Yes, men coming from puritanical, anti-sex cultures are often on a hair-trigger -- furiously horny, furiously masculine, and just plain furious. We need look no further than our own shores to figure that out.

But to our taste, Huessein is too sweaty, too swarthy, too damn hairy -- with all that black beard pouring out of his face -- for us to ever appear in daylight with.

And yet, we're mad for him!

Huessein in an oddly glamorous momentHe's a star -- undeniably. He even has his own page in Wikipedia, where we learn that he's not Arab at all as his name suggests, but German, born in Germany, of recent Turkish descent.

In 2006, he won the GayVN Award for Best Group Sex Scene, an ensemble award. His co-stars were a strapping gang of muscle-and-tat bottoms. Huessein -- and this we do find refreshing -- is not versatile, like the rest of us modern guys. He is strictly a top. What you see is what you get ... at least on film.

In real life, Huessein is quite domestic and cozy, completing a degree in Linguistics and Biology, and in a long-term 4-year relationship with fellow gay porn actor Xerxes.

So you never can tell. It's the movies. It's showbiz. It's Chinatown, Jake. The rules are different there.

And for all our griping about physical beauty, Huessein is what the French call belle laide -- an ugly beauty. Which when you think of it is a very rough-and-ready way of being handsome.

You can see Huessein and Bo in action in a scene from Knight After Night now screening in the Inner Circle. You'll find them in the Raging Stallion theater, on the Video Launch Pad.


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