Francois Sagat Superstar

Francois Sagat gets nakedEverything you've heard about Francois Sagat is true. Dare we say it!

Yes, he's bald but has tattooed the dome of his head -- completely -- to mimic a buzzcut. Yes, his mom knows that he does porn and approves. Yes, he started out with Raging Stallion Productions and is now an exclusive with Titan Media. And yes he's been nominated for an unprecedented six awards in the upcoming GAYVN Awards. As he wrote recently on his blog:

I've been nominated as "Performer of the year" for the next Gayvn Awards 2007 ...
Last year I was nominated as a newcomer. I didn't win my award, but being part of the ceremony and the industry was overwelming for me. Now, what else can I say ... 5 other nominations ... it's time to enjoy.

After all I get other exposed again, but I'm not sure my fans gonna get bored easily with all this weird Strategy from the "other side"...Too much of Francois Sagat will kill Francois Sagat?
I don't care, I keep going, I keep up the good work ...

Well, uhm, OK -- thanks Francois.

And wow ... boy ... oooh ... boy ... does he ever keep it up. Like the work he did during his halcyon days with Raging Stallion. Like the scene where he power bottoms (below) for Latin heartthrob Tony Serrano in Knight After Knight -- a video we just happen to be featuring in the Inner Circle this week.

Francois Sagat does a nude guy wild party

From the press release we discover that: "Here is a pairing made in paradise. The couple’s obvious attraction to each other almost overwhelms the camera as they start with an oral scene that could be used to give graduate courses in "The how and what of sucking." Blowjobs lead to 69s that lead to rimjobs that lead back to blowjobs that lead their mouths on a thorough tour of each other’s bodies.

It's too much for us to list -- so we'll just stop here and let you watch:

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