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Male Strippers: The Audition Tapes

by Nightcharm

I can do a few tricks, some old and then some new tricksIt is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man with a spectacular body must be in want of a stripper gig in Vegas.

These boys dream of working on the Strip, the only Strip that matters: the Boulevard of Neon that stretches from Glitter Gulch to the Bellagio and Beyond.

And so they have very sensibly put their audition tapes on YouTube.

Who needs a “talent reel” or a bachelors degree in “Tele-Communications” — that college major unofficially, and quite universally, known as the School for Spokesmodels?

YouTube and balls of brass is all you need to get you through those golden casino doors.

Nightcharm presents a gaggle of stripper hopefuls for you to cast your cruel but fair eyes upon.

Score on a scale of 0 to 100. And try, try, try to find some place in your heart where you can be more Paula Abdul than Simon Cowell!

1. The Bedroom Audition




2. The Ambitious Barback (But I Really Want to Mix Drinks)




3. The Birthday Gift That Forgot to Jump Out of the Cake




4. I’m Not a Stripper; I’m an Actor Who Plays a Stripper
(Would You Like to See My Hamlet?)




5. Hi, I’m Bobby Ryan and I’m Really Just on a Reality Show




A Not So Off-Topic Musical Interlude



6. The Life of the Party Cell-Phone Tape ( A Bit Too Sincere)




7.Working My Way to Vegas, One Weight Watchers Convention at a Time




8. Another Stage Actor Who Wants To Show You His Hamlet




9. Attention Steve Wynn: I’m Working on My Green Card




10. Male Strippers Are Really Social Workers



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  • fenomanalogy

    No. 1’s cute… gotta love a guy who rolls his hips…

  • nick

    Yeah, I like hot beefcake #1…….Grrrrrrrr!

  • bats

    Someone had way too much free time (and fun ;) putting this montage together…
    Thanks for putting some goodies together in one place!

  • Thorn

    #3 all the way. Dear god, I want to put him in a belly dancer’s belt.

  • Matt P.

    This is probably heresy, here, as probably most of my sexual preferences are in the gay world; but I’m more into image than body, and into personality more than anything else, and I just don’t go for guys who seem like they’d rather be fucking themselves, if at all possible, than me.

  • awen


  • http://NightCharmer Paul

    I have to agree with the other guys comment before me that says that he does not like a guy that acts like they want to fuck them selves mor than be with anyone else. I think the one guy named Bobby Ryan needs to get a little older. I stripped at one of the hottest clubs in New York City (Roxy) and you can’t act like you are stuck on your self. He is a good looking guy but there are much better looking guys out there, so he needs to act like the people he is dancing for are important too and that every thing is not just about him self.

  • Gaylover

    You gotta love those two,
    Nothing else to do!!

  • Anonymous

    i like ur sight

  • fuckinnn hottt


  • Anonymous

    they need to geet totaly newd

  • http://www.elitekissagrams.com elitekissagrams

    i work as a male stripper in dublin ireland and stumbled across these videos. some of them are very good.

  • Anonymous

    this is just disgusting.