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Lex Baldwin: Lamenting the Loss of a Legend’s Face

by David K.

Lex Baldwin pre Neverland

Sure, there was the wonderland of his body: gym-sculpted, perpetually tanned and glowing. A body made beguiling by its distinct halves. Above the waist: smooth, taut, sharply defined. Below: thickets of dark hair covering his groin, legs and beef-meaty ass.

And his dick. A stout cock deserving the literotic term cudgel. Fully engorged, its circumference suggested death by suffocation, should it be lodged too deeply, for too long, in too avid a throat.

And yet it was Lex Baldwin’s face that set him apart from the blond blur of early 90’s gay sexbots.

Baldwin’s face was classically swarthy. His countenance solemn, a look that signaled stern indifference. But indifference with a concession — you could blow him. He’d give you that. Maybe.

With the bull-like flare of his nostrils, he appeared perpetually angry. The strong cleft of his upper lip exaggerated the downward turn of his mouth. A determined sulk that guaranteed no meat — other than a steak — would ever enter that pouty mouth.

His most compelling features were his eyes. Bedroom eyes that remained glaring and slightly disenchanted. Baldwin combined radioactive sex appeal with chilly nonchalance. Even during his most vigorous topping scenes, Baldwin’s expression conveyed an air of boredom and disconnected distance. And in a twisted way, this made him all the hotter.

Lex Baldwin SuperstarIn 1991, Playgirl featured him in a huge pictorial extravaganza. His centerfold moment set off sly chuckles from gay porn devotees across the globe. We’d seen the real deal in action — and he was “ours.”

Colt Studio all but built a shrine to him, and Catalina snatched him up and worked him hard in the sequel to Jeff Stryker’s career-making film Powertool. It was Lex’s star vehicle, but Stryker did a small walk-through scene. A passing of the torch moment, where an established icon gestures a welcoming nod to the new up-and-coming stud for hire. So much promise, so much jism…

Such a big letdown.

By 1995, ambivalence overtook Baldwin’s momentum. And then, later, towards the end of the 90s, a weird name change: he would then be known simply as “Talon.” (OK, Mary.) Speculation ran high that Baldwin’s brother, the indefatigable hetero porn star T.T. Boy, didn’t approve of his younger brother’s foray into queerville video. And so Talon’s sudden jump into hetero-only porn.

Gone were the pay for gay days, the surly attitude, the decimated male buttholes.

Gone too was that face.

Frantic messages appeared on his fan sites:

Michael Jacksonized Lex Brody“Damn, he used to be so hot, such a rugged-looking guy. Lex, if you are reading this, please, please I beg you, STOP WITH THE PLASTIC SURGERY!”

“Forget Talon! He should be going by the name Michael Jackson. That plastic surgery is just WRONG!!!”

“The new Lex looks like he’s offspring of that Wildenstein woman in NY who had all the plastic surgery so she looks like a cat…scary.”

The question on all of his fans’ beleaguered minds: Why?

The site Awful Plastic Surgery seemed to have an answer:

Imagine, you’re a sexy Latin man with a passing resemblance to Dr 90210, Dr Robert Rey, and you decide to pursue a ‘career’ in the gay porn industry. But then, your family gives you flack about doing gay porn.

So, you decide to have a ton of plastic surgery to change your facial appearance and then do straight porn, so that no one will recognize you… Your name must be Talon…, whose first foray into the adult industry was under the name ‘Lex Baldwin’.

The above before and after photos are dick-wilting. And you don’t need to be Joan Rivers to track the damage.

Baldwin’s trademark nose is now one of those interchangeable Jackson family snoots. His eyes have been lifted into extreme “gay pop”: that slightly surprised expression that — so my straight friends claim — is a dead giveaway, should their gaydar not be working. Baldwin’s formerly masculine brow has been pulled so high his hairline is now wig-like. And then there are the unnervingly plump pink lips — three words: Janice Dickinson Calamity.

The irony is sharp. In an attempt to distance himself from his homo past, Baldwin underwent a makeover so radical it left him with a permanent case of Gay Face. Proving, once again, within the bizarre theater of reality: What we resist, persists.

Plastic surgery never looks good on a man. It just doesn’t. I’ve seen maybe two examples of really expert “work” done on a guy — and the trick was that the evidence of aging wasn’t wiped away — just a slight dullness to the visage. Successful tweaking imparts a sort of freshness to the person, not the impression that a glacier has moved across his face.

For Baldwin, his surgery mishap confirms what was awry way back in the early 90s: No self-awareness. Sure, it was a character flaw that made his work in gay porn appear exciting; that sense that a straight guy was having sex with other guys because, well, he was so horny he’d fuck anything. But that was our version of the delusion. Baldwin’s version wasn’t that inspiring. He was just another confused guy trying to sort out his sexuality by doing porn. If, indeed, a process like that exists. (And I think it does.)

Lex’s facial mutation was just another step in a misguided direction. More muddle. More artifice gone wrong.

I just hope his female co-stars find it sexy. I sure don’t.

©2007 Nightcharm

  • Manou

    Well, the truth is, the guy WAS beautiful to look at, but only in stills. He was a horrible actor, and the epitome of why “gay-for-pay” porn stars should be banished to the ash heap. He was wooden onscreen (and I don’t mean his cock — he always looked like he was on the verge of losing his hard-on). He never showed the least bit of desire for any of his onscreen partners. And he never kissed, because that would have been too gay. I never found him sexy in the least. You could tell right away that he was just another straight guy looking to make a buck. Whatever his deal was, it didn’t involve having any interest in men sexually. Too bad he couldn’t just put the whole experience in the past (like Peter North, aka Matt Ramsey could) without mutilating himself. Sad.

  • Brentwood

    I think Manou’s correct. His presence on film mast have been so wooden the studios haven’t even bothered to re-release his body of work.If you could call it that. I do seem to remember Baldwin having done at least six different videos, but now I can only locate the Catalina one, Powertool II.

    But many of the big name late 80s early 90s stars had a similar chill about them during sex. I mean as fabulous as his cock was, Jeff Stryker was no Marlon Brando when it came to acting, and yet we loved him anyway. Same with Bill Henson, another big “star” from that period. Hot to ogle, but on film forgettable.

    Regardless, great article David. Always enjoy what I discover on Nightcharm.

  • cassandra

    Even Chi Chi LaRue admitted that they had to use a ‘stunt dick’ in all of Baldwin’s sex scenes. He couldn’t keep it up to actually penetrate another man. Manou puts it perfectly – he was gorgeous in photos but it just couldn’t translate to video. Still, it’s tragic what he’s done to himself. Can’t imagine ANYONE finding that attractive.

  • Dave O

    Maybe there never was a porn star who was so astoundingly less sexy in motion than he was in still photos. In a photograph, Lex was so hot he’d stop you in your tracks. But on film there was just something about him that made it not work. The “woodenness” attributed to him was part of it, but the other big element of his non-appeal turned out the be the voice. You’d imagine it being deep and seductive, so it was a shock when it turned out to be remarkably high-pitched, tentative, breathy, with none of the penis-hardening air of authority conveyed by the still photos.
    Too bad about the surgery. I still remember once seeing a poster of Lex in the Nob Hill Theater in SF years ago. Wearing nothing but some sort of long-john bottoms through which the outline of his cock was plainly visible, his gaze fixed on the camera.Still comes to mind as one of the most erotic images I’ve ever seen.

  • LAO

    His non-eroticism was especially on display in some dreadful video, I think, that involved a delivery truck and somebody on a bicycle–maybe that’s a thumbnail of dozens of videos! It was difficult to imagine being so uninvolved watching people having sex. But the face is sad, sad, and David K. is correct about plastic surgery for men–never successful and often just awful.

  • http://www.tomsbodypix.com Tom Clark

    I really don’t care what people choose to do with their faces, but wow, I think it’s obvious that Baldwin’s face took a major turn south with this surgery. He was beautiful before and now he just looks scary. I don’t get it.

  • bats

    This is one female who is way, way less than impressed by his plastic surgery. (I’ve never been a real big fan of looking up anybody’s nostrils…) That he gave up gay porn to “conform” to what his brother thought was best is pretty unimpressive, too.

  • Julia

    Bats said it perfectly.

  • http://www.bacteriaburger.com bacteriaburger

    Excellent piece

  • Sam

    I think the line “another confused guy trying to sort out his sexuality by doing porn” may be accurate.

    The plastic surgery website explanation doesn’t make sense. If you’re rejecting gay porn, and you wanted to go into straight porn, you would just do that. You wouldn’t contort your face or change your name. He wasn’t doing it to appeal to female viewers or to “hide” his identity. He was running from himself.

    There’s also the age factor. What was it, 10 years from the playgirl spread to the surgery? The two comparison photos also look like a pretty good age difference judging by his upper body. Some people just don’t age well. If he was all face, and that was going, he would be frantic and desperate to do something about it to avoid rejection.

  • http://hvhexpo.blogspot.com/ HvH

    Man, this is sooooo sad and creepy…
    nuff’ said.

  • Spike

    As a thirtysomething ‘mo who remembers Lex being marketed as the Second Cumming (after Stryker, of course), I have to say I agree with Manou and Dave O. Having a straight porn star be gay for pay and throw off that I’m-so-horny-I’ll-fuck-anything-vibe? Well, with a performer who’s having fun with it, that can be hot.

    Lex, unfortunately, didn’t finess THAT vibe. His video appearances were painful to watch because he was throwing off a I’d-rather-be-at-the-dentist vibe. He always looked sluggish, half-baked, and half-conscious.

    And that plastic surgery reminds me of no one so much as David Gest. Not exactly hard-on inducing material.

  • Gry

    He may very well be the most depthless male star ever to appear on screen. He had all the charisma of a parking cone. Some guys just work better in stills and he’s one of them.

    His rationale for his transformation also baffles me because he still “massages” and “models” as Lex Baldwin. If he even has something going on between the ears, it must be terribly sick and ugly. I can only imagine the self-hatred that would lead someone to mangle their own face and the twisted love that would cause a family member to encourage it.

  • confuse

    I don’t understand.What the hell on earth is happenning? Do you feel disgusted to take other men’s cock.Don’t you think that it’s bad to take your cock into someone ‘s anal

  • Michael

    Confuse, I worry about the myriad other things you don’t understand.

  • David Stewart

    I agree that the changes to his face have not been for the better. His face appears to have been “feminised” – definitely less macho. His upper lip has been injected with filler ( why?? )and his eyebrows would look good on a female porn star. I suspect there has been a lot of botox too, leaving that blank almost corpse-like expression. It saddens me that so many MALE celebrities have chosen to have their eyebrows shaped/shaved/waxed/plucked in recent years. Men are meant to have thickish eyebrows. When I see a man with plucked/shaped eyebrows, I always suspect that they cross dress or do drag – NOT a manly look! :-( Lex still has a GREAT body though!

  • Vivian

    I don’t think anyone should judge until you’ve walked in his shoes. You all are assuming the worst, why don’t you just ask Talon himself? I personally am still attracted to Talon and it’s more than just his face that makes him attractive. We all have our problems, why should he be scrutinized for his?

  • rahrah

    My guess is that he was/is trying to get as far away from his gay porn past and not to be easily recognized as an ex-gay-pornstar. I was smitten when I caught glimpse of him in magazines and eventually in Powertool 2. I would have spotted him in the thickest crowd anywhere. Now as Talon and with that post-op face I could never..! If this was his intention – to totally reinvent himself physically – then he completely succeeded. Kudos to him. (I can just imagine him going about his life now with no one bothering to point at him saying, “isn’t that…? The short stint in gay porn wasn’t worth losing his real sexual identity and even putting up with a worse-than-the-original altered face is a steep price to pay to gain it back).

  • Eddie

    I will have to say that I seen Talon in his “new image” before I saw him in his Lex Baldwin performances and pictures. I think he looks much better now myself, he has an awesome smile, that dark hair that you just want to run your fingers through and the most beautiful chest and cock on him. I will definitely take him any day since you guys don’t seem to want him. Talon if you are reading this, I think you are SEXY….and I for the rest of my days I could watch you if you were the only porn star in the world. People seem to want perfection, but I have seen a lot of your works and the smiles, sense of humor, humility, and your sex appeal and charm draw me right into your world my man (winks). Keep up the good work and come visit us in Nashville!! Thanks so much!


  • Dwight

    Perhaps Lex’s new face reflects the man he was inside all along.

  • Julian

    I’ve always wondered why this dude never appealed to me in the least. I didn’t even know he was straight, but his sex scenes were bland, boring, and you could show them in Sunday school, well not really but you guys know what I mean. His sexual facial expressions seemed fake. He needed to take lessons from the Personal Trainers of Bel Ami. On top of that he goes and screws up his face royally. WTF? Now he looks like a queen from hell. Dude, leave the plastic surgery for chicks. Men look good and roughed with lines and natural is always best.

  • Winky

    I think this poor man really is gay.

  • Herss

    OMG !! he is my favorite pornstar!!

  • Jeff

    I never was a big fan of his when he did gay porn…straight porn yes! I never beleived it was the same guy…but I could be wrong. I find his body to me more hot and beautiful now, his face…he should have left it alone, but I still find him hot…maybe not as hot as before..but he still has it for me. Love watching him pound his beautiful cock into a hot mouth or pussy.

  • J

    I really like your analysis and your take on the whole thing.

    I want to throw one more potential factor into the mix: Could there be a cocaine addiction connected to the nose transformation? Cocaine is a drug that can cause massive damage to the nose. I know some people who have sustained severe damage to the nasal cavity from cocaine abuse and then they ended up with really wacky noses post-corrective surgery.