Treasure Island's Dawson Makes Hot Butt Magic


Treasure Island Media's resident stud shaman is back in Meat Packing.

His previous two movies, Dawson’s 20-Load Weekend and the coyly titled, Cum Sloppy Buttholes have garnered the burly giant a world of fans and made him a stand out among Treasure Island’s gallery of irresistible male stars.

Before we send you on your way to view his latest video extravaganza, consider the following fun facts:

Dawson's from a small town in Maine.

Off-camera he works for a biotech company's sales dept.

His love life? As he told a reporter recently he has "No significant other at this point. Not many people can handle the porn thing, let alone that it’s bareback. It’ll take a special person to see past that.â€

And what about the furor surrounding barebacking?


Critics, he says, "need to get off their soap boxes. People are adults and if they decide to watch a bareback movie, that’s their choice. Living in the U.S. means you have freedom. I couldn’t care less what someone who doesn’t know me has to say about my decisions. It’s my choice to have bareback sex and it is someone else’s choice to watch it. I know many guys who have watched my movies and get off on it but don’t bareback. If watching my movies fulfills a fantasy and gets them off, then it’s worked.â€

Should you be interested in how it 'works' you'll want to scoot on in to the Inner Circle's Treasure Island Media theater tomorrow night, to catch all the wet action.

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That's something for you and your Dell technician to sort out.

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