Naked Men in a Bathroom Stall Somewhere in Gay USA


This is my first post as an intern for Nightcharm. I hope I'm doing this correctly.

Early today Nightcharm's publisher David K. emailed me some naked men pictures from Raging Stallion Studios and told me I was to write some kind of commentary or entry, (I think he called it an entry), for the new video Smoking, I mean Pokin' In The Boys Room. This was to appear tonight in the blog.

A scene from this video is available to members of the Inner Circle (which is the private area of Nightcharm that shows hardcore videos and other off-limits material).

So anyway, here's the photo (above) from that video scene.

The photo depicts two guys engaged intimately through a large hole in a wooden partition. I'm not sure I understand the contraption's function, or what its specific purpose is for, so I've made a note to ask David about this tomorrow morning.

Personally I've never been in a bathroom anywhere, much less a public restroom, that featured this kind of structure -- but then again I'm from Wisconsin and only arrived at the Seattle Greyhound station three days ago.

There are also some other photos -- with more anal stuff going on and some oral activity as well -- through that same hole -- that I need to display for you.

I'll post those now.


Here's a descriptive passage from the press release that accompanies the photos and video:

Tag Adams is lurking in the bathroom when a latino man, Mario Ortiz, comes in for a piss — Adams soon has Ortiz's tongue in his ass. The action boils over as Ortiz and Adams are joined by a mysterious third party (watch and find out!) for a sizzling three-way that has Ortiz still shaking as he returns to his girlfriend in the bar.

I don't understand this last line: "Returns to his girlfriend in the bar."

Maybe this intern position isn't for me.

I thought this was my chance to make it big at a gay website. I mean, that's why I left Madison and everything...

And while I'm thinking about it: Why do I need to be naked when I'm doing my blog entries in the Nightcharm office?

I'll ask David about that tomorrow, too.

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