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Naked Men in a Bathroom Stall Somewhere in Gay USA

by An Unpaid Intern


This is my first post as an intern for Nightcharm. I hope I’m doing this correctly.

Early today Nightcharm’s publisher David K. emailed me some naked men pictures from Raging Stallion Studios and told me I was to write some kind of commentary or entry, (I think he called it an entry), for the new video Smoking, I mean Pokin’ In The Boys Room. This was to appear tonight in the blog.

A scene from this video is available to members of the Inner Circle (which is the private area of Nightcharm that shows hardcore videos and other off-limits material).

So anyway, here’s the photo (above) from that video scene.

The photo depicts two guys engaged intimately through a large hole in a wooden partition. I’m not sure I understand the contraption’s function, or what its specific purpose is for, so I’ve made a note to ask David about this tomorrow morning.

Personally I’ve never been in a bathroom anywhere, much less a public restroom, that featured this kind of structure — but then again I’m from Wisconsin and only arrived at the Seattle Greyhound station three days ago.

There are also some other photos — with more anal stuff going on and some oral activity as well — through that same hole — that I need to display for you.

I’ll post those now.


Here’s a descriptive passage from the press release that accompanies the photos and video:

Tag Adams is lurking in the bathroom when a latino man, Mario Ortiz, comes in for a piss — Adams soon has Ortiz’s tongue in his ass. The action boils over as Ortiz and Adams are joined by a mysterious third party (watch and find out!) for a sizzling three-way that has Ortiz still shaking as he returns to his girlfriend in the bar.

I don’t understand this last line: “Returns to his girlfriend in the bar.”

Maybe this intern position isn’t for me.

I thought this was my chance to make it big at a gay website. I mean, that’s why I left Madison and everything…

And while I’m thinking about it: Why do I need to be naked when I’m doing my blog entries in the Nightcharm office?

I’ll ask David about that tomorrow, too.

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  • http://uroskin.blogspot.com Uroskin

    Oh that crafty David. I’d gladly blog naked for him too.

  • john

    This must be the bathroom stall Mayor Naugle of Ft Lauderdale is complaining about…… (link)

  • Mack

    The shot of Tag Adams tounge about to lap up that uncut dick just makes my mouth water…

  • Ricci

    Whos davidK?

  • riverboy

    “Early today Nightcharm’s publisher David K. emailed me some naked men…”

    Read the piece, you dizzy queen!

    Who’s David K.! Next he’ll ask who’s Laura Bush!

  • Ricci’s BRAIN

    Laura WHO?

  • wallace_mimms1969

    Um… … Seriously David K is causing a *lot* of problems here locally in my housing division, and I wanted to take a moment to write and explain what’s happening.

    Basically, he’s very loud and inconsiderate and is not ever willing to turn off his putt-putt machine, which is constantly popping out golf balls and making the same type of sound that you’d expect from a potato gun. This is something that he does even as late as 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning.

    If you ask him to check your mail while you’re out of town, he says he will, but when you get back, there’s just a giant moist brick of mail stuffed into your box and decaying. What if you had needed to pay bills? Guess what? NOW YOU CAN’T!

    I personally do not think there’s anything wrong with living the homosexual lifestyle and myself have several homosexual friends.

    What bothers me is when he drives around in that weird hot pink buggy that smells like french fries because it uses bio-diesel and scares my dog. This is an alert to tell you guys that if you don’t know who David K is… KEEP IT THAT WAY. He will ruin your sleep schedule, scare your dog, and neglect your mail. The stress that this causes will make your skin oily and unpredictable.

    Thanks, Wallace

  • Stowing Plankton

    Ah, the proper care and feeding of interns.

    1) Don’t pay them.
    2) Don’t let them wear clothing at work.
    3) Don’t tell them about your spy cam in the bathroom.
    4) Don’t tell them it is unusual to expect daily sperm bank donations.
    5) Don’t tell them daily checks for prostate health are optional.
    6) Don’t tell them inspections for genital irregularities are odd.
    7) Don’t forget to send him over to me when you’re done.

    (PLEASE get his naked ass on camera so the rest of us can enjoy.)

  • http://www.delftboys.com Ad NL

    The adventures of a Nightcharm intern:
    this is a very clever scheme, David thought out.
    Highly entertaining, feeding our fantasies.
    Sure will get us through the summer months with a smile
    (and leaking)
    And if you have any other questions or urgent needs
    at times when David is not around, don’t feel too
    embarrassed to ask your readers . . .
    And maybe you could ask David to send you on an excursion to the Tom of Finland foundation art-fair sep 22 till 24 in LA, so I could get to know you better

  • Daniel

    The hot pink buggy explains everything.

  • jude


  • bats :[

    Wow, if this is what goes on in the restrooms of a non-gay bar, I’m abandoning the ditzy girls’ side forever! Having to listen to the inane chatter (either to one another over the stall walls or hearing some chick on her cellphone while she’s taking a ladylike dump) is pretty close to having to go in the great outdoors and only having a pine cone as a substitute for toilet paper.
    I’d much rather observe what’s shakin’ on the guys’ side… :)

  • Loadcollector

    Glory Hole is fucking hot. I am heading over to a 30 something muscl boy’s house a bit later after I pop half a blue pill (you all know what that is) and I’m going to let him feed his muscles with another source of protein :D