Calling All Nightcharmers: G.I.s, Mormons and Country Boys


Looking for love in all the right places

Is this you?

  1. Gay and Mormon
  2. Gay and in the military
  3. A survivor of the Ex-Gay Movement
  4. A country boy who came of age during the Bush Era

Have you had any of these life experiences?

Nightcharm is looking for thoughtful first-person accounts on these topics. More details below the jump.

The Topics:

Mormonism: Coming out as a young gay Mormon must present several unique challenges. The strong paternal family unit, the emphasis on obedience, the teenage mission where young boys are sent out across the world, usually in pairs, to spread their faith. Most dramatic of all, the shunning that the gay son or daughter can expect not only in this life but in the afterlife where, according to Mormon belief, the family is formally reunited. Those are some of the life experiences we're interested in.

Military: By "in the military" we mean currently or recently. Serving and coming out during the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" era.

Ex-Ex-Gay: We imagine the Ex-Gay survivor had to breathe the same sort of anti-gay atmosphere as the young Mormon. We're particularly interested in the storyline "I was in an Ex-Gay ministry but went on to live happily ever after anyway."

Country boys: Terms like "country boy" and "rural" are open to wide interpretation. In general, we mean someone who grew up in a more or less conservative atmosphere, out of the orbit of a cosmopolitan city. We've heard many wonderful stories about the generation that came of age during the Bush Era. The openness among their peers, the going on dates and courting during high school, even going to proms. And we've heard this is not limited to the cosmopolitan city but is happening quietly in the country as well. Set us straight (but not too straight, please!)

Writing Tips

In general, we find first-person accounts are best when they're full of anecdotes and telling details that really characterize the experience. Imagine you're talking to a good friend, who is as bright and aware of the world as you are, and that you want to entertain or amaze him. "Thoughtful" accounts need not -- and actually, shouldn't -- be limited to heavyweight issues. They can also be lighthearted, funny, romantic, sexy -- particularly sexy. Sexy will always find a hot meal and a warm bed at Nightcharm.

You can use your own name or a pen name. Our pay scale is based on usable article length. We'll contact you with the details should your query capture our interest.

Contacting Us.

We recommend that you send us a brief "query letter" before you begin. Describe the piece you wish to write, where the piece will be going, and some of its high points. Three paragraphs should do it. It's always best to write the pitch in the style of the piece you're planning. Or just include a sample paragraph or two of the story. We'll tell you if it sounds right for us. We will answer every email.

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