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Flaming Hot: The Lure of Redheaded Men

by Shawn Baker
hot redheaded studs

Titian. Red Blond. Ginger. Strawberry Blond.

Orange Red. Auburn. Copper Blond. Burnt Orange.

Redheads may come in a variety of shades, but we’ll never mistake that for being prosaic. Only an estimated one to two percent of the earth’s population can say they boast natural red tresses. Scarcity breeds a fetishistic cred.

That’s why we love our Copper Tops.

Running your fingers through a fiery red brush cut. Clasping rippling porcelain flesh. Beholding a golden red trim line south of the navel (now forever known as the Fire Crotch). Having a pair of glacial blue eyes gaze up at you … or down at you … or back at you with wild carnal abandon. These are the few moments in life that can truly be called rapturous.

Though it’s often bemoaned that women are the ones typed by hair color in popular movies, literature and culture at large, men are ultimately just as branded by their locks. Brunets are sultry and intense, while blonds are vivacious and doe-eyed ingenues. Just a passing glance through the last bastion of every hoary pulp convention — the daytime soap — will suffice to evince that maxims are deathless.

But redheads? They’re the wild cards that break from the pack and run the gamut. Down through the epochs they’ve been cast as firecrackers with blazing tempers, fearless and brazen non-conformists, comical rogues, formidable heroes, deviant tricksters and tarty jesters.

In the dreary Middle Ages, red hair was beheld as a dead giveaway for all manner of witchery and sexual debauchery, sadly sending many a Titian-haired accused to the dreaded grip of the gallows or the cruel flames of the stake. In the Muslim world, it’s prized above any other hue, deemed nearest to the Divine.

If there’s one stereotype that’s endured longer than any other, it’s the image of redheads as libidinous, sexually aggressive and just plain hot as hell. Perversely, it’s that very same assumption that simultaneously frustrates and empowers the Redhead Community. As much as it may tire of the line, even it’ll admit not only a certain pride in the cliche but a terrible disappointment were it to ever to fall wholly by the wayside.

Will Clark and Blu Kennedy

There’s a grain of truth — or, shudder to think, wish fulfillment — in every hackneyed axiom. Sure, Opie and Richie Cunningham are model citizens, but who’d want to be without rugged, insatiable power-bottom Will Clark or the deliciously versatile Blu Kennedy — perhaps the only gingers of note to attain superstar status in gay porn?

As is the case with any rebel set worth their salt, what at first marginalizes them ultimately becomes an oppositional badge of honor, the very thing that gives them their mystique.

Still, though Reds may have the greatest character range, even their own ranks will admit that theirs is the toughest look to pull off. Stubble and a good hair cut can push a passable-looking brunet up a few rungs on the Ladder of Babeness. A good physique can mediate for a blond with an unspectacular face.

Not so hot redheads

Somewhere it’s written in stone that redheaded men are either jaw-droppingly gorgeous or utterly wince-inducing with nary any mitigation in between. Their female counterparts have it easier, leaving the male of the species to tread a perilous path from the moment of conception. Luck out and you get stunning red blond Robert Redford. Roll snake eyes and you end up with the garish tangerine horrors that are Carrot Top, Danny Bonaduce or David Caruso.

Yes, the heartbreak of traumatic Redheadism can send you on a lifelong down spiral that will lead to a career in prop comedy, booze-soaked celebrity train-wreck demi-fame or hubristic career suicide marred by sunglasses-reliant acting.

Though Hollywood may have yet to headline a bankable redheaded leading man, there are candidates waiting in the wings. Life’s Welsh-born Damien Lewis is stately and suave enough to essay James Bond.

redheaded studs

Zack Ward with his mile-high cheekbones and tight little body has been lurking on the cusp for some years now.

The Soup‘s auburn-haired sex machine Joel McHale is an alloy of class clown and strapping stud. Michael C. Hall of Dexter portrays a psychopath so concurrently blithe and seething that we can’t bear the thought he’d ever be apprehended, much less normalized. Then there’s actor Dash Mihok and Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme (who we feature on Nightcharm whenever possible) — two men so square-cut and rugged that they should be receiving years of retroactive back pay for every rod they’ve generated.

For redheads and their admirers, now may be the time to worry. A much-publicized UK-based study predicts the red hair gene is in retrograde and likely to be driven into extinction within the next hundred years. It seems the recessive trait may have become diluted over time due to global population shifts and the dominance of the brunet gene in the mates of red carriers. Natch, the science is still out, with some giving the idea credence and others dismissing it as utter quackery.

Any way you slice it, our Copper Tops are too precious to even chance that they might join the ranks of the Quagga, Pygmy Mammoth and the Broad-Faced Potoroo. Russia’s recent “Day of Procreation” held to fend off its progressive population loss is the model solution. Paid vacations, financial incentives and prize giveaways are exigent to ensure that the Vermilion — like the imperiled but determined cottontails of Watership Down — not only survive but thrive for a promising tomorrow. Let there be rampant, wanton propagating in the name of Crimson Pride.

Whatever it takes to put the Red back in the Black.

  • anotherredhead

    Part of the problem is that there are few redhead males willing to pose nude. I learned this when I was contacted by the owner of one of the larger male redhead sites through a friend asking me to model for his site.

    We ended up communicating for awhile and he admitted that he had to go to other companies to get material. Because he was out of State and we constantly had schedule conflicts my shoot(s) with him never took place. He later sold the site to the company that was selling him content and they just let it die.

    I admit that I have considered posing mainly because there are so few redheads out there and I think it is cool to see the redheads being represented. I even considered opening a redhead male site but I ran into the same issue of trying to find redhead males willing to pose nude.

  • celian cox

    Also, Sam Carson was a stunning strawberry blond dude who made a large number of movies in the mid-1990s.

  • loblolly
  • Ian

    And when their faces flush my heart skips a beat…

  • Brock Massari

    I agree with the comments about Todd Gibbs, man he could’ve been the hottest bottom ever but although he wasn’t much of a top. He could take billy clubs and Jeff Palmer’s cock up his ass and never even wince. Where is he? Bring him back!

  • Brock Massari

    Hey Jon,
    You said you were a friend of Todd Gibbs? So tell us, what is he like in person? He had the sweetest most, most innocent look even when he was getting nailed by a huge dick.

  • http://comicsfan.livejournal.com David

    I’m glad Gomer mentioned Todd Gibbs, because he’s simply the poster boy for hot redheaded guys. But also worth mentioning is the amazing Erich Lange (pictured). I’ve crushed on him for a long time now.

  • Anonymous

    no body got eny more pics of todd gibbs please

  • Sean

    haha simon peg! my boyfriend is ginger and get’s compared to simon peg all the time, he hates it, i think it’s cute.

  • Sorian

    umm what no love for Danny Elfman? He has no pigment in his skin-its awesome so pale and with red firey hair.
    He is one of the hottest and most talented Redhead guys ever. He was in Oingo Boingo and is one of Hollywood’s hottest film composers. He composed for PeeWee’s Big Adventure, Batman, Edward Scissorhands,The Nightmare Before Christmas and most recently nominated for an Oscar for Best Score for Milk. Danny was superhot in the 80’s and still pretty hot now.;D he’s a total DILF- Dad Id like to F**k! lol

  • JD Seabolt

    I used to blow this straight redheaded friend of mine, and he’d say “let me shower first.” And I’d say “you never smell bad.” He didn’t. He rode bikes, worked out, & never smelled bad since I knew him. Too bad he wouldn’t switch teams, just liked getting head.

  • duane

    I love redhead, is there anywhere that anyone knows of to find just reds

  • Kevhopper

    Cool site. Love the pics!

  • http://nuderedheadmale.blogspot.com J.R.

    Try this blog: nuderedheadmale.blogspot.com. It’s one guy.

  • Diego

    I’m on my third redheaded boyfriend. My first one was in high school my senior year.
    What really turns me on are redheaded guys with hairy legs and fat wrists with
    hairy forearms. My second boyfriend (we were together 6 years), had tons of freckles
    and green eyes, always would sport a mustache, goatee, sideburns or combinations
    of any of the three. Nice thick, hairy sideburns. My god, the hairiest fire red crotch
    I’ll ever see. Pubs as long as the hair on his head. And a penis as fat as my wrist
    and a good full 9 inches long. I don’t know why, but he was embarresed about having a very large penis and huge balls.
    My current boyfriend and I have now been together 10 years. I have never seen a chest
    as hairy as his. Love the red fur, there’s almost as much on his back and arms.
    The big plus is his big penis. Must be in the redhead gene. The Scotch, Irish, English
    gene must have a high proportion of men with big penis’s…….

  • John

    Why has no one talked about the fact that redheads have THE most amazing nipples on the planet? I’m blond and I think Reds are the cats pyjamas. Absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to have a built, red-haired boyfriend. I’d suck on his nipples day and night and let him do whatever he wanted. MMMMMMMMMMM

  • arias

    I am a redhead male and I have had my dramas for being a red. The names I get called (Ranga is a huge problem for me).But I have grown to love my hair over the years cos its unique. And its each to their own if you find redheads attractive or not.David Wenham is the only red guy that I think is sexy.Being a red, I find black hair a huge turn off(all those thick black pubes and hairy legs is vile!).I am blessed with not having freckles though I do have moles!My arm,chest and leg hairs are blonde which I find nice!OH! and I dont think I smell any different to anyone else.

  • william_sillyman

    I’m a dark-headed guy, and I have to admit the first guy I was ever with was a redhead. For myself, I’m not active in the gay community anymore, yet I do have to admit I still have a same-sex attraction to men. Yet whenever I would see a redheaded guy, well let’s say I had to readjust how I was sitting to be comfortable. Interesting though, as I said, I’m dark headed, but I was born a toe-head blonde (60 years ago). Yet to look at me, no one would think with my pale skin and blue eyes, that I’m 90% Cherokee and Blackfoot Indian, with 10% Dutch, Irish, Scottish and German (which is where my light color comes from). Ok, back to the redheads. Just from the first guy I was with (years ago), the red hair on his chest and the trail down his stomach to that fire crotch, was a major turn-on. I also love the pale skin, but John also said it too Redheads have the most amazing nipples ever. That first guy, we were best friends for over two years, until I moved away and we lost touch. I found out a few years ago, he passed away and my heart broke. I will also admit that I am happily married to my wife and I have 2 grown children and 6 grandchildren. My wife does know I have the attraction, I just don’t act on it. But, I’ve seen some hot looking guys over the years, but none of them will get to me the way a redhead guy will. So there ya go.