Josman and Anonymous Team Up for Buttboy In A Blindfold



Nightcharm is overjoyed to announce that Anonymous -- the most published author in history -- has coupled with our resident cartoon genius Josman to create one of the most controversial stories to ever land in our Inner Circle library.

Modest to a fault, yet possessed of political secrets that have toppled governments, as well as sexual endowments that have redefined pornography, Anonymous here confesses that he is also -- surprise! -- a total butch bottom.

And Josman -- an illustrator that can render a rounded ass or spritz of jism with the detailed lyricism of a Disney cartoon master -- has risen way beyond the challenge for this over-the-top, fetish-driven story.

In Buttboy in a Blindfold, Anonymous is a college jock, just turned 18, who reads a notice on his college bulletin board that says Athletes Wanted For Experiments in Human Response. Being a frisky lad full of spunk, he soon gets himself right in the middle of a . . . um . . . jam.

Here's a sample (brace yourself):

Dr. Carlsen's breath was warm against my ear as he spoke in a low voice. "Prepare yourself Tom. The tests will involve your anus and prostate. Several devices will be used to administer a prostate exam, a very thorough prostate exam, that will diagnose possible problems down the road and perhaps, someday, prevent them. Today, we need to determine which of these probes can be tolerated with the least discomfort. Are you with me so far, Tom?"

I nodded. Cloth rustled nearby and metal clinked. I guess they were setting up the chrome implements I had glimpsed earlier. There was movement at the foot of the table as the section just below my ass was removed. I imagined myself wide open in the stirrups, like a Thanksgiving wishbone! My ass totally accessible to . . . whatever!

"I will administer the first exam, which involves proper lubrication." Dr. Carlsen's voice came from his standing height. "I'm sure the doctor who checked you out in the past didn't warm his lubricant properly. Nor did he spend sufficient time administering it. The lubricant I will use is slightly anesthetized with a mentholated relaxant. Talk to us, Tom, tell us how everything feels. Your comments will be taken down. Even grunts and sighs will be noted."

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