Hot Arabs: In Pursuit of the Great Dark Man


The Great Dark Man and the Mocha Arab Boy
from May 2007

Arab men are now one of the hottest niches in gay porn.

The niche is not exactly new; it is the Arab nature of it -- primarily those young Arabs who have flocked to Europe for work -- that gives it a new face.

Huessein in a glamor poseVisual Aids? Above are several scenes from Arab Men (Part I), one of the most popular titles in this category; at right the porn star Huessein, who through his adopted porn name and porn bio promotes his Turkish ancestry and who set off a comments war in these pages when we dared to describe him -- and please don't start up again -- as "a beautiful ugly man."

But the niche itself -- well, it's a classic archetype of the erotic imagination.

The Great Dark Man, Quentin Crisp used to call this eternal figure. Not exactly dreamboats, but dream brutes.

The Great Dark Man, while never fully detailed in Crisp's brightly-lit epigrammatic prose, could be readily inferred from the writer's autobiography The Naked Civil Servant.

The politically correct reader is certain to disagree with me, but it seems clear that our fey, outre Quentin had a rather Jane Eyre-ish sense of himself -- as a lowly, compliant substitute female -- whom this Great Dark Man would set off, as black velvet sets off pale but completely artificial pearls.

In Quentin's view, the homosexual man, being unnatural, did not have the right to resist. This was, of course, a complete sex-fetish rape fantasy -- one coming out of a Victorian sense of black/white gender roles.

The Great Dark Man, then, was a hot dark fuck who would use the will-less Quentin and abuse him and then, after he had punished every orifice, leave him in a puddle of goo -- only to return again next month when, say, the Man's wife might be on the rag.

Unknown Arab model whom we'd like to know betterI think we all recognize in Quentin's Great Dark Man the uncensored bottom's dream of "the real man" -- a fantasy not quite out of date or through with us yet, despite its embarrassing and masochistic origins in the hash, scornful atmosphere of the high school locker room.

Arab men, due to the puritanical nature of their culture, are ripe to play this macho role now. The greater the repression, the hotter the sex -- one of the eternal verities of homosexual life.

Certainly when we observe Arab culture, we see all the sex-repressive signs of a patriarchal theocracy: the serious penalties for unmarried sex, the chattel nature of the woman whose chastity is seen as a property issue, belonging first to her father and brothers and then later, like a real-estate deed, transfered to the custody of her husband and sons.

With such sex-phobic prohibitions against women, no wonder there is such widespread male coupling with teenage boys -- the sort of uncommitted, passionless sex typical of prisons, where the men are merely horny and settle for whatever's handy.

But then commitment has never been essential to hot sex. Having sex with someone you don't love is as invigorating as loving someone you don't have sex with. Despite the relentless hetero propaganda to the contrary, sex doesn't need any additives, like love or marriage, to be totally satisfying.

And certainly the Great Dark Man -- the horny, disinterested fuck machine -- is, for many of us, like catnip. All that pent up repression creates a kind of sexual fury in the otherwise straight partner, a charged atmosphere of furtive sin, which most of us can only take seriously during the heated playtime between tumescence and orgasm.

Model as the Great Dark ManAnd so, not surprisingly, the Arab sex footage is super hot and super popular. And before the comments pour in, this is not an observation based on race or skin color -- though the mocha bods of the sleek Moroccan boys do have their special charms. This is about the pugilistic aura of sex that surrounds all puritan men, be they from Algiers or the skinhead Christian Identity camps of Appalachia. Due not to the color of their skin or the name of their sacred text, but to the pressure that builds when a natural force is damed up by a wall of inflexible dogma.

To clinch out case -- the greater the repression, the hotter the sex -- we offer you Exhibits A, B, C and D in this mad little video from someone named Azis, who appears to be a drag-queen pop star in -- and this blows our mind too -- Bulgaria.

The exhibits are all in various stages of muscleman undress and each one, we are told, represents some Great Dark Byzantine Man who has left Azis to go back to his wife. The song, much to our delight, is part lament, and part sweaty, rippling porn. Take it away, Azis!


So rejoice, pilgrim. If we must have sexual repression in our best of all possible worlds, even repression can have its own, very disturbing, silver lining.