Hot Arabs: In Pursuit of the Great Dark Man

By John Calendo
The Great Dark Man and the Mocha Arab Boy
from May 2007

Arab men are now one of the hottest niches in gay porn.

The niche is not exactly new; it is the Arab nature of it — primarily those young Arabs who have flocked to Europe for work — that gives it a new face.

Huessein in a glamor poseVisual Aids? Above are several scenes from Arab Men (Part I), one of the most popular titles in this category; at right the porn star Huessein, who through his adopted porn name and porn bio promotes his Turkish ancestry and who set off a comments war in these pages when we dared to describe him — and please don’t start up again — as “a beautiful ugly man.”

But the niche itself — well, it’s a classic archetype of the erotic imagination.

The Great Dark Man, Quentin Crisp used to call this eternal figure. Not exactly dreamboats, but dream brutes.

The Great Dark Man, while never fully detailed in Crisp’s brightly-lit epigrammatic prose, could be readily inferred from the writer’s autobiography The Naked Civil Servant.

The politically correct reader is certain to disagree with me, but it seems clear that our fey, outre Quentin had a rather Jane Eyre-ish sense of himself — as a lowly, compliant substitute female — whom this Great Dark Man would set off, as black velvet sets off pale but completely artificial pearls.

In Quentin’s view, the homosexual man, being unnatural, did not have the right to resist. This was, of course, a complete sex-fetish rape fantasy — one coming out of a Victorian sense of black/white gender roles.

The Great Dark Man, then, was a hot dark fuck who would use the will-less Quentin and abuse him and then, after he had punished every orifice, leave him in a puddle of goo — only to return again next month when, say, the Man’s wife might be on the rag.

Unknown Arab model whom we'd like to know betterI think we all recognize in Quentin’s Great Dark Man the uncensored bottom’s dream of “the real man” — a fantasy not quite out of date or through with us yet, despite its embarrassing and masochistic origins in the hash, scornful atmosphere of the high school locker room.

Arab men, due to the puritanical nature of their culture, are ripe to play this macho role now. The greater the repression, the hotter the sex — one of the eternal verities of homosexual life.

Certainly when we observe Arab culture, we see all the sex-repressive signs of a patriarchal theocracy: the serious penalties for unmarried sex, the chattel nature of the woman whose chastity is seen as a property issue, belonging first to her father and brothers and then later, like a real-estate deed, transfered to the custody of her husband and sons.

With such sex-phobic prohibitions against women, no wonder there is such widespread male coupling with teenage boys — the sort of uncommitted, passionless sex typical of prisons, where the men are merely horny and settle for whatever’s handy.

But then commitment has never been essential to hot sex. Having sex with someone you don’t love is as invigorating as loving someone you don’t have sex with. Despite the relentless hetero propaganda to the contrary, sex doesn’t need any additives, like love or marriage, to be totally satisfying.

And certainly the Great Dark Man — the horny, disinterested fuck machine — is, for many of us, like catnip. All that pent up repression creates a kind of sexual fury in the otherwise straight partner, a charged atmosphere of furtive sin, which most of us can only take seriously during the heated playtime between tumescence and orgasm.

Model as the Great Dark ManAnd so, not surprisingly, the Arab sex footage is super hot and super popular. And before the comments pour in, this is not an observation based on race or skin color — though the mocha bods of the sleek Moroccan boys do have their special charms. This is about the pugilistic aura of sex that surrounds all puritan men, be they from Algiers or the skinhead Christian Identity camps of Appalachia. Due not to the color of their skin or the name of their sacred text, but to the pressure that builds when a natural force is damed up by a wall of inflexible dogma.

To clinch out case — the greater the repression, the hotter the sex — we offer you Exhibits A, B, C and D in this mad little video from someone named Azis, who appears to be a drag-queen pop star in — and this blows our mind too — Bulgaria.

The exhibits are all in various stages of muscleman undress and each one, we are told, represents some Great Dark Byzantine Man who has left Azis to go back to his wife. The song, much to our delight, is part lament, and part sweaty, rippling porn. Take it away, Azis!



So rejoice, pilgrim. If we must have sexual repression in our best of all possible worlds, even repression can have its own, very disturbing, silver lining.

  • Nikko

    Great article. The greater the repression, the hotter the(gay) sex. So true.

  • Adam

    Such awesome writing on such bizarrely fascinating topics! This site amazes me again and again.

    I was raised “American” although I am half Yugoslavian (ipso facto, muslim) via my Dad. He played that style of music constantly when I was younger and fighting my way out of the closet. It blows my mind to now hear it being sung by a middle eastern drag queen behind these beefed up Arab porn dudes in Village People outfits! Crazy!

    Welcome to the post 9/11 world, right?

  • Jerry Weiss

    Mmm, get me a ticket to Bulgaria! The extra beefy dudes in the video are definitely Quentin’s type.

    His dream date, stated many times, was Raymond Burr, but I doubt if he ever got to fulfill it as Burr was known in Tinseltown as Mr. Under-the-Glass-Coffee-Table.

  • John Calendo

    Apparently my reading of Quentin Crisp is not so radical, after all. One of my French-Canadian correspondents, Yvan, reminds me of this quote from the pen of Q. C.:

    “The problem that confronts homosexuals is that they set out to win the love of a ‘real’ man. If they succeed, they fail. A man who ‘goes with’ another man is not what they would call a ‘real man’”

    Crisp called it like he saw it and — more importantly — lived it. His view of gender roles, though, is as strict and antediluvian as James Dobson’s. There is the vague whiff of religion and sin around these notions of what is “real” — that is, natural and spontaneous — and what is not.

    Today we see this same hero-worshiping of “real men” marketed in so-called “straight guy” gay porn. Like I say in the above piece, I find something embarrassing about this but nevertheless factual.

    There is a notion that straight men are “realer” than gay men but what the basis for that realness might be — are they more virile, risk-taking, nasty? — doesn’t really stand up to sober scrutiny.

    In my experience, gay men playacting in a leather bar at being gruff bikers and musclemen do a better job of it than the straight versions you find in real life. Plenty of hot gay men out there to give the Quentin in all of us that butch experience — with the important add-on, that these men will actually feel passion about you, will actually revel and lose themselves in the fucking.

    Isn’t that the “realness” that is actually longed for?

  • Sam

    Arabian MEN= X-Tremely HOT!

    …love them :razz:

  • G. Arthur George


  • SAM


  • ISIS

    hmm… As a middle eastern, arab, woman, I don’t know if i’m flattered or offended. I am flattered because for example I do know that Arabs have hotter sex than most people because of all the social and cultural prohibitions. I’m not sure though if arab gay men feel the same way about this issue, a lot of foreigners view the middle east as a sexual paradise for gay men with a harem-like virtue, that is not true, arab gay men and women suffer a lot of discrimination and persecution that it is only inconsiderate to view them as objects of sexual desire, as for Arab-Israeli Porn – I’m totally for it, I am totally for normalizing ‘relations’

  • Penis Sucker

    What Da Fuck is Up With the Video!?

  • mouma

    je cherche un homme pour nick moi j attend ses reponses merci

  • M.E. Kurtis

    Re: SAM 5/13/07. Sam, what ja do, flunk history or re-write; there are no “Byzantine Arabs” just like there are no feathers on frogs! “RACIST HATER”? Where’s that from, or have you (a non-Moslem gay man?)not visited an an Arab of Moslem country in the last thousand years … Sam, I think “you protest too loudly”, you’re too much of an “illusioned psychologist”, become a BEHAVIORIST like me: If it walks like a duck …… G. Arthur is right, just stating historical and current reality.

  • coza

    Im maltese and I think europeans are the fucking best at everything ..

  • chriso

    I think this article is well written but I’m really on the fence about celebrating sexual repression simply because it can result in hot sex. I think that’s a really easy position to take when you sit in an area of relative comfort and freedom around your sexuality. And that’s not PC, that’s just plain fact.

  • Matt

    I think the nature of public opinion towards the Arab/Muslim world calls for extra sensitivity when talking about them as a group. If some of the above comments could be reasonably interpreted as racist (which they certainly can), it’s enough to make them problematic.

    As for this article, though, I do not consider it so problematic. It does “exhoticize” Arab men, which would be problematic if the website hadn’t also exhoticized everyone else in previous posts. But since they talk about everyone in that way I don’t have an issue with it.

    To address a second, equally political issue brought up in the comments…

    I don’t think sexual repression should be celebrated either, but I think we can acknowledge, or at least ponder, the liklihood that a lot of what we consider erotic is based on repression. For example, I’ve noticed that many women in the BDSM community, though they are politically “feminists,” can still be turned on by gender-derogatory terms like “bitch” and “slut.” It’s an interesting paradox to be both for and against such phrases in different contexts.

    I can think of some terrifying locker room scenarios I went through when I was 13, 14, 15 years old as a teenager worried about being identified as gay and wondering what would happen to me if somoene figured it out. I can also think of some very pleasurable sexual fantasies that I had at that same age of being caught peeking at guys’ cocks or being unable to control a hard-on, then being tea-bagged or urinated on by those guys as retribution. In the fantasy they were degrading me sexually, while in reality I was afraid of them knocking out my teeth, which would not have been “hot” at all – but I think there is an inexorable link between what scared me and what I would jerk off to in the privacy of my bedroom. I don’t think I’m alone in this.

  • craig from holland

    Hussein rules!

  • http://none Tom

    Personally, I really don’t think my attraction to Arab men has anything to do with politics. Maybe unconsciously, I associate Arab men with a certain wildness because they are from a completely different culture than my white male American one.

    But primarily, I just like swarthy skin and dark hair. The darker the hair the better: anything from deep, rich walnut dark brown to a lustrous pool of blue-black silk that makes me I feel like I’m swimming in a sea of shiny ebony. Scent it with Jasmine oil or one of those other tropical Arabic scents and watch me go over the edge.

    Really, anybody dark will do: from dark South American men speaking sexy Portuguese to Morocco to Egypt to Pakistan to India to Bangladesh to Indonesia. Swarthy skin and dark hair and handsome.

    Call me shallow, but I’m singing the praises of these men because I like them A LOT. Now, after all this, watch me develop (tomorrow morning, say) a throbbing hard on for a guy so Nordic it’s not even funny. Here in NYC, you see all sorts and can fall into it with all sorts.

  • man lover

    call me even more shallow, but i luv the pics of the guys fucking! yummy.
    ya gotta admit that politics really got nothin’ to do with nuttin, boyz. some to sayz, sometimes i like em white, sometimes i like em dark. is that wrong?

  • pinoygay

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  • agus

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  • DonnIe

    Has anyone ever noticed that Arab men seem to have the largest dicks? I’m just saying! I mean I use to think it was Black men but it looks like their title has been stolen when Arab men started appearing on the sex screen.

  • robbi

    would love to have arab friend and lover. Their culture is interesting and the men are wonderful. I don’t care if they are involved in terrorism. They are handsome. Not all are terrorists but even in the Mideast they are just wonderful.

  • oxcy

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  • fdg

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  • Navi Liebman

    Yet again mostly white gay men objectifying another groug of men Get your calloused thumbs ofd the remote read a book not a blog APARTHIED ISRAEL huh Name one arab muslim country which affords its people the same rights as israel then talk to me about apartheid israel Anti semitic gay men need to look closer in the mirror and less at objectifying arabic men in degrading porn Shame on you

  • انوس

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  • ralph glover

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    Give me an Arab with a big cock to suck and I’ll be in glory land. Ralph Glover

  • zeen

    i thank you

  • John

    That is why, in the greater existence, men have sex with men. It is another mind in which both straight and gay men can per*orm. One is bound by nature, one by birth. It’s nature and willingly so. Men are granted a sex drive denuded o* social context given the realms in which they are *ound. Western, Eastern, North or South. Homosexual “acts” exist in every culture and rightly so. Now when there’s overpopulation and stumuli to each and every person given the new communication devises granted to men and women by technology – this will happen. It’s all overwhelming in it’s pervasiveness and all according to Nature in it’s realm o* in*luence. It’s all very relavent as we can witness on our own. It’s not proportion, it’s a demand o* nature. Like rats in a cage – the more there are as to the proportion o* resources the birthrate will go down. One way or another. Is this somehow the reason homosexuality dominates in births per thousand over previous years? In this instance the in*luence o* love to sex is unequivocal. Empty, but *or a *ew minutes o* sexual pleasure. Sensual as it may be – it doesn’t compare to love nor should it. Only through love do we leave the animals behind. In this is the true meaning o* humanity. In the end, homosexuality is a natural expression o* Nature and it’s ability to haunt humanity through persecution and intolerance should be outlawed.

  • Anonymous


  • ravic

    I just know arab is the religeous country. but now I know there also have the evil people. show they cock n naked body. but I belive its just a litle people do that. most of them very religeous n kind. specialy moeslem.

  • Leon

    Well,i must say the arab or muslim culture is harder when the topic is homossexuality,the religion does not accept it as normal, muslim gays must keep their sexual preferences hidden because of the ”Shariya”,the ”religious justice”gives a punishment when someone does not follow the Kuran´s rules,if someone meet men fucking,they can be reported and judged,can be killed,it´s a normal thing in Lebanon,Sirya,Iran,arab men don´t look female that is why americans and europeans like this style in gay movies,slavic european countries produce movies with slim and unbearded actors,i am proudly to be a hairy chest man like other turks!!!

  • Mee

    Ahahaha yall gays who really thinks this guys are arab are dumb and stupid can’t u till by the look of em? their obviously not arab hahahah dumbs

  • aj

    Arab men have it all I love them! Until the end of time!

  • Israelimenlover

    I love Israeli men, they’re hot and simply irresistible..

  • david

    Im Israeli…and in Israel – we’d go after the Palestinian guys cause they have HUGE cocks. I once had a gay palestinian boyfriend…lemme just say i had several instances where i needed a wheelchair after sex…black people have big dicks? i dunno…not after my experiences with my ex-palestinian boyfriend…fuck just thinking about him makes my blood rush to my cock giving me an insane hardon!!! mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Arab dude

    I’m a arab guy ……and to me arabs are at there hottest when they come in olive skin tone….exotic hazel green eyes…..dark hair….handsome face…….sculpted body nd tall……..nd arab guys are kindve underrated nd the western media doesn’t shed them in good light…..they never show a hot arab guy in the media….but there’s tons and tons of hotttt arab guys in the middle east and north africa but anywayss……I also like mediterrenean( italian,greek) and spanish men………but the guys that I prefer are mature white dads in their 30s 40s etc…….there handsome and are my type…..

  • anon

    The article is well written, but I disagree with the repression theory. I’m a white straight man who is infatuated with Arab women. Several of my past girlfriends have been Arabs and their sense of passionate romance and misty, almost evil sex appeal is astounding. I argue that this is not from repression, but from a more refined Arab cultural sense of the magnetism and tension which sometimes occurs between two people. That culture should be celebrated and revered. It’s a shame to see some of the other commenters get something so delicate and profound mixed up in the crap we see on TV all day long about race relations, politics, and terrorism. The sexually compelling nature of Arabs, men or women, is older and more important than any current political issue.
    Having said all that, I must say in reading these comments that I started to wonder what it would be like to be kissed by an Arab man! Very disturbing, but if I there were a handsome Arab man in my room right now who offered to give me a massage and a kiss me on the back of the neck, I believe I would have to accept…

  • Kris

    I m indian i have fucked a muslim with my 8inch dick he was very happy.

  • Rawfoon Iqbal

    Where is nude men? I just love to see sexy men’s penice.

  • Anonymous

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  • jack

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  • Sam

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  • adam

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  • Mike

    Don’t call Turks “Arab”! The Turkish are very proud of their curious heritage which is as much Asian as anything.

    With many holidays in Turkey I will confirm that the men are hot as hell–they also know it and tend to the narcicistic. Almost obsessed with their hair, they likely spend more time at barbers than the women spend in salons. An amazing proportion are for rent–to both sexes.

    Of the true Arabs, the Palestinians are especially hot and hung!

    Lots of Turks and Arabs may play with other men, but very few will identify themselves as gay. They are also so genuinely friendly that it’s very easy for Americans and Europeans to find their gaydar in failure.

  • Mike

    The guys in the video look like Turks not Arabs.

  • francky8083


    I find this site and I enjoy it.
    I had a question where do you find the photos of the hot arab men in the top of this topic.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Have a nice week

  • samuel locke

    Love Arab men – they are beautiful! Post more pics & vids of them!

  • Giovanni B

    They are so hot as men why whouldn’t anyone want them

  • Ms. Lu’s Twin Sista’

    Oh no. This is just too much.

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