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Falcon’s Crotch Watcher: A Naked Men Post-Hippie Sex Fest

by An Unpaid Intern

Crotch Watchers. Not the most romantic of titles, but what do you expect from raw, pre-condom gay porn like this golden oldie from Falcon Studios.

We’re featuring this particular scene in the Inner Circle right now. And, boy oh boy, is this one perfect moment from the days of disco porn — you know, the days when porn stars usually had single ‘stage’ names: Phillip and Michael are having a friendly chat on a park bench when mega-ripped stud machine Brian Dexter comes on strong. Most likely someone mentions smoking a joint and then the three horndogs head back to someone’s pad for some raunchy action. It’s an equal opportunity fuck, as each guy takes a turn on the other — making sure no asshole is left unattended. We like this copy from the video box: “The voracious men take every minute to give a helping of each sex starved hole until all pile exhaustedly on top of each other.” Ahhhhhhh, free love. Join us now for your own private showing.

  • Sleazy Faggots

    Porn was so much better before rubbers.

  • Matt

    Supposedly–or at least, according to Falcon’s publicity at the time–“Michael” and “Philip” were real-life lovers.

  • Mario

    The men’s bodies were sexier in those older films. Guys are too bulky in today’s porn.