MILK IT For What It's Worth: Colby Keller Speaks Out About His New Scene With Treasure Island Media

Colby Keller is one of gay porn’s brightest stars. His unexpected appearance in the new Treasure Island Media title MILK IT has surprised many observers. Is there a disconnect between Colby’s well-known passion for safer sex and this new involvement with a company known for anything but?

He dropped in this morning for a quick email chat about the controversy (link NSFW).

MARK ADNUM: What can you tell us about MILK IT?

COLBY KELLER: I don’t know as much as I probably should about the film as it just came out and I haven’t watched the other scenes (I never EVER watch my own scenes), but I think the project is a series of “milking” vignettes. I did not actually know what “milking” was before being asked to participate. Once it was explained to me that getting milked meant that I would receive oral sex and a hand-job to completion, I agreed to participate as this fits into the practices of safer sex that I adhere to in my work in porn.

MARK ADNUM: Treasure Island Media (TIM) are promoting MILK IT with you as a kind of “special guest star”. Their promotional copy is unusual for them, saying that the movie “marks the Treasure Island Media debut of porn fan favorite Colby Keller.” TIM don’t normally do “stars” – how did you come to be involved?

COLBY KELLER: I know a few of the folks at TIM and they’ve always been so kind and generous with their support of me and my work. I think we have commonalities in being labeled as “outsiders” in the porn industry, but for obviously different reasons. The guys there know that I wouldn’t participate in an unprotected anal scene, so they found a way to have me work in a film where I was able to play “safer” and I’ve always wanted to work with my scene partner [Morgan Black]. He’s so handsome!

MARK ADNUM: When we last spoke, you said that ACT-UP’s ancient slogan SILENCE=DEATH remains a great motto for personal choices, that “the responsibility lies with all of us to talk about safer sex practices and informed choices” and that “we are all responsible for continuing the conversation.” Elsewhere – such as your interview on Nightcharm last year – you said that safe sex is really a pretty basic undertaking and that guys should just “cook the chicken” rather than toy around with completely unnecessary risk. All of which is to say that your appearance in MILK IT seems like a bit of an out of left field thing – not necessarily what you do in the movie, but your appearance in a production from a studio that seems to have such an opposite safe-sex ethos to you. What do you think about this reaction to your appearance in MILK IT? Can you share your thoughts on your appearance in the movie, and TIM productions in general?

COLBY KELLER: I think there is still a distinction between the fantasy of my porn work and the advocacy of my sex advice. I admit to still not knowing much about TIM’s policies when it comes to testing in anal scenes, but I’ve worked for and continue to work for a variety of companies that do/don’t require testing and for all scenes in which I’ve participated in anal sex, my partners and I have worn condoms. This will continue to be my personal policy in porn.

I think in some ways my affiliation with TIM might be enlightening. I have known my scene partner for the TIM shoot for a while before the scene and we have had conversations about our sexual practices and sexual health. The studio provides a fantasy for some people who prefer unprotected sex and my “milking” scene shows a way one can engage in hot sex that is less risky than anal sex. I think it might be helpful for people to see that you can be involved in scenes/communities that are “piggier” than what you’re normally used to and still have hot “safer” sex within those scenes/communities. But I don’t think my work in porn has ever been about advocacy; it’s just fantasy. I’ll continue to advocate that people practice “safer” sex and to be informed in their decisions.

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Bottom two photos by Gabe Ayala.