Retirement Homo: Lukas Ridgeston Returns To Bel Ami

Lukas Ridgeston and Barbra Streisand have a terrific amount in common.

Consider: each altered their names at the cusp of their fame (Barbra took the middle "a" out of her first name before cracking it on Broadway, Lukas kept his "a" but ditched pretty much every letter out of Juraj Vrzgula (his full name) before shooting to fame in 1994's Lukas Story). A stridently ethnic Brooklyn girl, Barbra stood out from the pack and her eccentricities were key to her early successes; Lukas' meatballs-and-dumplings physique, honed by Eastern Bloc outdoor military disciplines and topped by impossibly sparkling blue eyes, was just the thing for mid-1990s porn viewers who'd grown tired of druggy Joey Stefano and his ketamine-and-soloflex contemporaries.

Barbra and Lukas also own matching fluffy white pet dogs (pictured, below) and I ask you:

is it just a coincidence that when Barbra was sourcing locations for Yentl she chose - randomly, it seemed at the time - a Slovakian town only several miles from where Lukas was born and bred?

And, both share a love of getting away from performing and moving themselves behind the camera, taking full control of productions such as The Prince of Tides and Intimate Liaisons, Lukas' directorial debut from a couple of years back.

Here he is filming a scene from that movie. That's him in the blue, with the camera, natch. You may note he chooses to direct in his undies and socks:

And now, the parallels continue, with Barbra making a long-overdue return to the screen as an actress in this Christmas' Guilt Trip co-starring Seth Rogen, while BelAmi have just announced that Lukas Ridgeston will be back in front of the cameras for as as-yet-unnamed blockbuster due out before the end of the year.

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