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FADE IN: Trailer For James Franco’s Cruising Movie Project!

by An Unpaid Intern

The trailer for Interior. Leather Bar, where filmmakers James Franco and Travis Mathews reimagine the fabled lost footage from William Friedkin’s misunderstood Cruising is now up.

View it along with a handful of terrific new images from the interesting project after the jump.

From the description:

Amid the backdrop of a frenzied film set actor Val Lauren reluctantly agrees to take the lead in the film. Val is repeatedly forced to negotiate his boundaries during scenes on and “off camera,” as unsimulated gay sex happens around him. The film itself is constructed as a play with boundaries remaining queer in subject and form. As much a film about filmmaking as it is about an exploration of sexual and creative freedom, Interior. Leather Bar defies easy categorization.

More about this project and the original Cruising.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.rettenmund Matthew Rettenmund

    I don’t think CRUISING was misunderstood, I think it was actually one of the few films protested for being anti-gay that wasn’t just anti-gay in theory but anti-gay in intent. That back-stabbing murder scene makes it quite clear how the filmmaker views gay sex, and I would argue the ending makes it pretty clear that the story thinks homosexuality (synonymous with SM) is contagious. My take on it.

  • south loop

    Respectfully disagree with your take. The first victim is amazingly sympathetic and vulnerable. Friedkin doesn’t view gay sexuality as contagious. He’s concerned with identity and using a controversial setting to illustrate. The killer of the first victim is later killed. Pacino’s character goes through such a wrenching experience that he doesn’t know who he is anymore. It’s confusing to track the killer for the audience, just as it is for Pacino’s character. I think it’s misunderstood because its arrival coincided with a new-found ability of gay men to be heard on a large scale. Being anti-Cruising was a celebrated cause.

  • Ad Schuring

    Also do not agree: to make a movie that tackles the edgy sides of our culture, where it becomes questionable if S&M is still a voluntarily made choice and an act of love or a death trap is pretty acceptable in my opinion: if these themes are explored in heterosexual movies nobody askes if the director is anti-women.
    It’s just as silly as questioning the intentions of movie makers Paul Verhoeven and Jan de Bont, in Spetters, made around that same time as Cruising in NL, while these guys already made a gay cult film “the 4th man” a decade earlier. It’s just as silly as having objections to a white man fucking a black guys’ ass nowadays and only finding it acceptable the other way around. Just as insane as the annual return of the discussion of slavery because of the black helpers of the Dutch Santaclaus.