Sounding ... Bored? Getting Stuck Into A Hole New Fetish


soundinglargePorn performer Element Eclipse (inventive name, even if it does sound a bit like the next Twilight movie) seems like a pretty nice, easygoing guy. He climbs ladders, I'm loving the puffy vest, and there you can see that 11 inch cock. And yes that is actual inches.

However, since I'm the kind of guy who's perfectly satisfied with a 90 second blowie (in either position), I was mesmerised by all the pics and I found of what Element is really into - sounding, the fetish where metal poles, pencils, rubber tubing etc. is inserted deep into the eye of the penis.

Now, I had a STD check up when I was an 18 year old once and the nurse recommended a swab of the inside of the eye of my penis and said it would be a little "uncomfortable". You get an insight into the daily horrors nurses must become inured to when you find out what they consider is merely uncomfortable. Easily one of the most painful experiences of my life, I have refused to ever have one again, even if there's been, well, you know, even if I've needed one.

Element's on full display in today's Inner Circle update, a 20 minute scene where he is tortured/pleasured with a torture chamber worth of implements that get impaled all the way in and out of his dick. Most of the time he has massive dildos up his ass at the same time. See it here.

In the meantime, browse, if you dare, these still images of Element in his element:

Now, if you dare, watch the video.