Conner Habib: Nightcharm Contributor Is Also World's Cutest Cocksucker


conncersucklargeConner Habib is the essence of the 21st Century renaissance man. A writer, a thinker, a presenter of talks at scholarly forums, a blue-ribbon gay porn superstar.

He's even an occasional contributor to Nightcharm - why not read one of his articles? Then, why not read another.

Anyway, though I enjoy a chatty friendship with Conner on Twitter, I have never experienced what looks like the mindblowing joy of having him suck my cock. (I'd rather suck his cock, truth be told, but let's just leave me and my stuff out of this for now).

But, even though I can't vouch for what it feels like when Conner Habib sucks a dick, what I can say with absolute certainty is that NOBODY looks cuter while they're doing it. I mean, just have a look at the photo above, and the ten more after the jump. Isn't that just the sexiest, most devoted, cutest little cocksucker you've ever seen?

And the news gets better. The lucky recipient in the pic above is Aleco Sahara, who, like me, has harbored a crush on Conner for ages and finally got to live the dream in this scene from CocksureMen that is currently screening in the Inner Circle. That's correct: you can watch the entire scene that the pic above is a sample of right now, right here.

There's a bunch more stills from this scene below, along with several pics from the time Conner sucked off Girth Brooks' 12-inch cock and finished the job with that sexy, cheeky grin on his face.

Enter the Inner Circle to watch Conner in all his glory.

In the meantime, add Conner on Twitter.

And add me too, why don't you? I exist as well, goddammit.

Conner's Tumblr.