Pavel Petel: "Gay" Finally Fully Realized? Or Just a Russian Bodybuilder With Lipstick?



How do you appraise Pavel Petel? Reflect and enjoy how transgressive and fun he is? Or say "meh" and think of Francois Sagat and Lady Gaga?

Perhaps it's best left to the fascinating Russian himself, who describes himself as a "Russian Performance Artist, Model, and [open] for any commercial offers". I think I understand what the last part means, but I'm still transfixed by how amazing he always makes himself look, and how he does most of his DJ work and club performances (often nude, sometimes with a hard on) in Moscow nightclubs.

I'm a seasoned traveler, but even I have yet to visit Moscow, intimidated by its general aura of violence and corruption (I also only do Summer) as well as its infamous routine violent closures of gay bars, bashings, and imprisonment of gay locals.


pavellarge32So bravo (what's Russian for "bravo"? fucked if I know) Pavel and thanks for all your sweet and sexy things like this:

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Or Sagat @ Nightcharm, if you're a traditionalist. Here, or here.