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Tony Paradise Bottoms For Colby Jansen!

by An Unpaid Intern


Chief stud at MEN.com, Tony Paradise, has never bottomed on camera before. Neither has Colby Jansen, his studio stablemate. Colby has said that he has no plans to bottom, but he won’t rule it out

“because things could change. It isn’t a gay/or sub thing. I just really like topping and I have other sources of income than porn, so the financial need isn’t there for me. Plus, if I were to bottom I certainly wouldn’t do it for my current rate.”

But … news is that Tony bottoms for Colby in an upcoming scene at MEN.com.

More about Colby Jansen @ Nightcharm.

  • lemonline2

    I hope Tony can return the favor some day, but I’m actually glad that only one of the two is bottoming this time because the preview is smoking hot! Tony gets fucked hard!