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by An Unpaid Intern


Did you know: Sean Cody has been online for 12 years! That makes it almost as old as Nightcharm, and yet both sites look fresher and more youthful than ever. Many of Sean Cody‘s original models, such as Dylan, Dean and Quinn, must be well into their late thirties by now — I wonder what they look like? Gay porn luminaries such as Paul Wagner have appeared in several scenes (Wagner is “Barry” on Sean Cody, Colby Keller appears as “Colby”, natch) and Cody-controversies have included Ulitmate Fighter Dakota Cochrane revealing he had filmed numerous scenes as “Danny”, including some bottoming, and Jason Andrews (“Addison”) being arrested for first degree murder in 2010.

Amidst all the drama have been several thousand fantastic scenes featuring some of the hottest looking guys around (such as Hudson, pictured) fucking each other like pig sluts in tasteful Bed Bath & Table styled rooms. Nightcharm highly recommends Sean Cody.

Not your scene? Fair enough. If you prefer the gay porn of studios such as Raging Stallion (pictured below), Cocksure Men, Falcon, Michael Lucas, Fratmen, Treasure Island and more, all of those houses are part of the single membership available in our Inner Circle, where memberships run out the door for an average of about three cents a day.


  • ~Noodles~

    I don’t know what your sources are, but they’re not exactly accurate. SeanCody has been online since 2001, and has produced (currently) 1633 scenes. So they haven’t been around for 22 yrs, and haven’t produced ‘thousands’ of scenes. Your info about the guys on the site is absolutely 100% correct though. It would be hot to see Dylan again, though he’s maybe 33-35 yrs old, tops. LOL

  • http://nightcharm.com/ Mark Adnum

    Whoops! Got it wrong by one decade. Make that 12 years, not 22. REally gotta do something about my tendency to exaggerate. Thanks for the correx! m x