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Something in the Water: The Burgess Brothers (BONUS George Burgess Nude Pic)

by An Unpaid Intern


We may never know what Mrs. Burgess fed her four sons but what we can say for sure is that the Burgess brothers — Sam, Luke and twins Tom & George — are each hefty Australian rugby players and together, the hottest siblings on Earth. In this gallery of action shots, shirtless pics and family Xmas snaps that I stole from Tumblr, you can observe the skull-crushing Burgess family physique, which is tailor-made for heavy-impact Australian ball games and also for looking impossibly cute while lolling about while one of their mates gets the barbecue ready.

See too, the lovely Burgess family personality. Apart from occasional outbursts from tempestuous George, who recently got himself into trouble for kicking in car windows after one too many beers, and tweeting nude selfies to Twitter (see below) the boys look like a blokey band of brothers we all want to belong to.

George Burgess:





Sam Burgess:


The Brothers:





Tom Burgess goofing off for his cam:

Beach loving Luke Burgess loves u:


Luke kissing fellow rugby player Ben Ross:


More information.

More Aussie football players.


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  • Hansolo8

    hey love your website, first time ive had a quick browse! just 1 thing – that is not Luke Burgess (well at least not the 1 y’r referring to) in the light blue waratahs top, 2 pics up! oh and the boys father passed away in sad circumstances a couple of years ago, might be wise to take it easy on any references there..even in jest. anyhow, here’s another hot shot of Sam n George. H

  • http://nightcharm.com/ Mark Adnum

    Great new pic! And thanks for the heads up, those references have been changed. m x

  • holy quail

    you site is getting heaps of hits from Aussie gay men after George’s pics ( albeit censored ;) got in the news today …. Woo Hoo ! We Love Burgess Burgers !!! hehe

  • scottrose

    It’s gross to me to hear him rapping along using the n word. Not appropriate. It is NOT the same for that junk to come out of a white person’s mouth as for it to come out of a black person’s mouth. I don’t think black people should use degrading language against themselves either; I think their doing so might come from internalized anti-black prejudices.

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  • anonblk

    Fuck you

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  • http://ravcasleygera.com/ Rav Casley Gera

    I agree when whites write their own raps, but if he’s rapping along, what’s he supposed to do? Change it? Seems a bit strict.


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  • Scott

    I am so sick and tired of all this blacks can do everything and get away with it crap. Whites are human beings too and blacks are just as prejudice as well. example, bringin out movies like White Men Can’t Jump. Now if we brought out Black Men Can’t Speak Proper English or Black Men Can’t Swim, then we are called prejudice. And why is that…oh yeah, cuz so many years ago before all these so called Niggas that are livin today had ancestors that were slaves. WOW. The ones that are still alive never even met those so called slaves that were their so called ancestors. Get my point? Good…Nough said.

  • scottrose

    It is always distressing to see the effects of a low I.Q. on human thought. “White Men Can’t Jump” is not an anti-white conspiracy. The film was directed by Ron Shelton (Bull Durham) and the title is taken from a line that a CHARACTER — Sidney — in the movie says in the course of the movie. Your manifest “white resentment” is further evidence of your low IQ.

  • Kimiko Okubo

    Shouldn’t ‘whites’ have the same rights as ‘blacks’ you say?