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Artist Ben Cuevas Performs A Woman’s Work, In the Men’s Locker Room

by Mark Adnum


The work of Los Angeles based interdisciplinary artist Ben Cuevas spans installation, sculpture, fiber, photography, video, performance, and sound. He reflects on the condition of embodiment, which, he says, begs the question: “what does it mean to have a body, to inhabit a body, to be a body incarnated in, and interacting with, this world?” These are pictures from his 2009 project “Jock Strap (a work in progress)”, and here’s Ben’s description of the project:

The Jock Strap piece is another work in progress. For this project I sat nude in a men’s locker room and knit myself a jock strap, commenting on the notion of woman’s work vs man’s work and appropriate activities within gender boundaries. What activities are appropriate in any given space? What activities are appropriate within a gendered space?

I plan to reenact this piece in a locker room that gets more foot traffic, videotape it (hopefully capturing people’s reactions), and make sure I get some footage/images of myself wearing the jockstrap this time. Stay tuned.





Photos by Rance Palmer.

Ben Cuevas Website