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Happy Birthday Jeff Stryker, 51 Today.

by Mark Adnum


It seems that every other guy who appears in a gay porn film today is referred to as a “porn star” which is a bit of a misnomer considering that there are so many of them, they’re pretty interchangeable and prefer to be known for their works as DJs, escorts or personal trainers anyway. Jeff Stryker, born on this day as Charles Casper Peyton in 1962, on the other hand, was a gay porn star par excellence. A gay porn superstar, really, who was always above the title and whose fame is so enduring that he was touring his own dinner theatre show to packed houses just a couple of years ago. He’s ageing pretty well, too, albeit looking a little like Mel Gibson (see pic below).

What is there to be said about the owner of the “most famous cock in history” (his description)? Well, I guess there’s always this:


Eternally popular at Nightcharm too, you can read more about the mighty Jeff here, here or here.




Jeff Stryker Official Website


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  • Procyon

    11 months ago

    Jeez, I thought he was older than I am!

  • Darkhog

    11 months ago

    A much enjoyable birthday, to a man who gave us so much joy in return.

  • Laphog

    11 months ago

    He is a living legend!

  • beau_kner

    11 months ago

    happy bday j stryker. you are an icon. :-)

  • BudClark

    11 months ago

    I’m so glad he survived The Epidemic. So many of those sweet boys from the Golden Age Of Gay Porn didn’t.

  • Gaybro

    11 months ago

    Happy Birthday Jeff……thank you for bringing “good porn” to the masses! P.S. Great pic….still hot!

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