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Chad Conners: A Matter of Size

by An Unpaid Intern

Being asked to name your favorite gay porn star is a bit like being asked to name your favorite color. Hundreds of answers are possible. But if someone put a gun to my head and said they would shoot me if I didn’t name my favorite porn star right then and there, I would say “the young Chad Conners”, and not just out of panic.

There was something about Chad, in his earliest version, that fused every preference of my erotic mind into one crackling synergy of electric horniness that Nikola Tesla would have admired. When he first came onto the scene, Chad had the build of a young Australian amateur rugby player, but also embodied the all-American frat/jock. Blond, perfectly proportioned with natural beefiness sculpted by years of sweaty high school sport workouts followed by tank-top college barbells, Chad also had and continues to have possibly the finest armpits of any man in the world.


One of the original power-bottoms, a contemporary of Joey Stefano, he looked so incredibly amazing whether on his back, with those enormous thighs spread wide, or bent over, with that triangular back and perfect ass spread out begging — Chad was a very verbal greedy bottom — for as much cock as he could get. He liked getting fucked hard, and in my fantasies, a guy that looks like this and has a deep voice and plays a lotta sport but who can’t get enough cock up his ass all night long is just spank-bank central.

Observe the magnificence:

But then, and I would never say anything libellous like he started shooting juice or whatever, he went from juicy jock to butcher shop bodybuiler and my crush went cold. I mean, look:

He even had to go and get the just-add-water snake upper arm tattoo. And, a certain aggressive glare crept into his eyes — can you see it? He would still take your cock without you having to ask, but there was an insolence that hadn’t been there before. I was shattered as he got bigger and bigger, and his performances more and more robotic, it was like a gay porn version of Frankenstein, without the emotion.

But then, Chad morphed anew, and my candle went all blowtorch again. Like a lot of bodybuilders, without the constant maintenance (of all kinds), veiny musculature can turn to beefy flab quite quickly. And if there’s one thing I find hotter than a young Aussie rugby champ/all-American jock, it’s a heading-towards-40 man who has built a powerful body but now enjoys beer as well as benchpressing.

Do you like? I sure do:

Classic gay porn in the Inner Circle.

  • Sean

    OMG… I so completely agree with you Mark. I loooooved the young Chad, didn’t care much for the steroidal Chad, but a nicely aging 40-something.. I could go for that. Thanks for articulating exactly what I thought and felt.

  • http://nightcharm.com/ Mark Adnum

    you’re very welcome.

  • Damarcus Ikard

    I’d still eat him into nirvana

  • Rich99

    I agree 100% – his beefy, suburban looks are his absolute hottest look. He was one of my favorites!
    Has he done anything recently though? I wish he would do porn again – I know bear porn exists, but ironically most of those men have essentially the same look. None of the have Chad’s “gym trainer who now prefers McDonalds” look. I don’t understand why some enterprising porn studios don’t film men like Chad.

  • Aaron Hutson

    I liked Chad at first but then he started to age and then I lost interest. HE was ageing fast from the steroids I am sure.