Don't Hate Them Because They Are Beautiful



We do our best in the Inner Circle (our exclusive NSFW area) to keep a wild mix of men streaming past your eyeballs -- both gorgeous and so-so -- but always naked and filmed in the act ( as if, well, as if you've never seen naked men fucking before.)

But, and this is a big butt! Occasionally, as depicted in this scene from Falcon Studios (in our Falcon theater -- where else?) the action becomes too stellar, too cosmic, too mind-blowling and we must celebrate it for what it is -- a genre defining moment that advances the cause and thrust of gay porn lightyears into the future.

And so we give you Devon Hunter and Benjamin Bradley from Falcon's seminal film -- Summer Heat, celebrated by French film critics and their ilk across the globe.

PLEASE! Don't miss this moment. Join us inside NOW.