"I do not feel that gender is sufficient to explain all of human life," Camille Paglia tells Reason TV's Nick Gillespie in her latest video interview.

"This gender myopia, this gender monomania, has become a disease. It's become a substitute for religion. It is impossible that the feminist agenda can ever be the total explanation of human life."

And Even Madonna, once Paglia's ideal of sex-positive feminism, seems to have lost her way.

We interviewed Paglia back in October of 2012, after the publication of her amazing book Glittering Images. It seemed like a good time to resurrect her discussion with Mark Adnum, where she discussed (among many artful topics) her insights about pornography:

"There is no logical way to separate art and pornography. There is high-quality pornography and low-quality pornography — just as there is good and bad art. But pornographic display and pornographic motivation can be found throughout the great Western art tradition — including in martyrdom scenes of the Christian saints on church walls"

"The anti-pornography crusade of mainstream feminism in the 1980s boiled with obsessive fanaticism. It was very clear that the leaders of the movement were totally ignorant about the visual arts. No one who had studied and admired the beautiful male and female nudes of Greco-Roman sculpture and Renaissance, Baroque, and nineteenth-century painting could have gotten into such a silly dither over pornography and its alleged evils. There is no way to appreciate the total grandeur of Western art without an openness toward pornographic expression."

The full interview.