The body politic: A no-size-fits-all physical ideal

by Nightcharm

The diet and fitness industry runs on predatory deception, selling the dream that any shape can be sculpted and molded into a universally-desired end result. How many ads feature two completely separate and unrelated people — one heavyset, the other body perfect — morphing into one another like water poured into a vase? The reality is that human anatomy is too varied and reliant on biological constraints to ever be as malleable as clay, with even the coveted Olympian standard proving to have widely diverse scale.

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Throwback Thursday: Un Chant d’Amour (A Song of Love)

by Matt Pizzuti

French writer Jean Genet directed this explicit, highly-erotic short film in 1950, featuring a voyeuristic prison guard who gazes at prisoners passing the hours of confinement by masturbating. The most memorable part of the film is the tortured romance between two prisoners, who, without being able to see our touch each other, can only share intimacy by passing puffs of cigarette smoke through a hole in the wall using a straw.

From Queer To Eternity: Lustrous locks at high tide

by Shawn Baker

A gay parody of pretty much every male grooming product ad that should be expressly marketed to gay men but feels compelled to tack-on a chick at the end who nuzzles the male model’s silky-smooth cheek or runs her fingers through his well-conditioned locks.

Queer slang glossary: To 'ten-inch' someone is to lie or exaggerate while trying to impress (alluding to gay men exaggerating their cock size). [source]


On a convergence of two movements: Bayard Rustin

by Matt Pizzuti

After all the tragic news and ongoing conflict in Franklin, Missouri this month, we’re reminded that the gay rights movement — moving forward at light speed now with marriage equality surging across the U.S. — owes a debt of gratitude towards an older movement for racial justice that, despite its age, is still fighting for basic civil rights. While the LGBT movement was sparked in 1969 by a demonstration against police brutality at the Stonewall Inn, the Civil Rights movement had already made major accomplishments.


You are what you eat: the genderization of food

by Shawn Baker

I always thought it was interesting that the French language has a masculine and feminine distinction for nouns. For certain words it’s fairly intuitive, but how do you designate the gender of, say, an object like a spoon or a book shelf that doesn’t trigger an immediate phallic or vaginal association? Having never been a gender reductivist — as a child I loathed the tendency for certain elementary school teachers to nip in the bud anything they perceived as tomboyish or sissy in kids — I can’t fathom the infantile idea of relating everything we do back to our genitals.

History of circumcision: The College Humor version

by An Unpaid Intern

It’s proven to be one of the most controversial issues ever to appear on Nightcharm, but when Adam Ruins Everything from explains the history of male circumcision in the United States, the story is a lot less sexy.

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