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Nightcharm Exclusive: We Have the Leaked Script of the Brokeback Mountain Sequel!

by Richard

SCOOP! The sequel for Brokeback Mountain is currently filming, and some enterprising best boy has snatched the following couple of pages from the shooting script and stolen away from the studio backlot. Behold, this pivotal scene in the sequel to Brokeback Mountain, scheduled for a Oscar season 2013 release: BROKEBACK II: THE REUNION THE ROXY, NEW YORK, CIRCA 1990. Go-go boys, thumping music.

This Week’s Gay Porn Classic: COLT Studios’ Muscle Ranch 2 (2007)

by An Unpaid Intern

This terrifically entertaining remake of the 1990 original (which was simply titled Muscle Ranch) features all manner of sunny farm scenes, filmed on location in God knows where, but it all looks pretty rural. You can even spy the odd semi-trailer driving along the road in the background as easy-on-the-eye performers like Alex Chandler, Mason Wyler and the awesome Antton Harri mud wrestle, corral livestock and service each others’ cocks until the cows come home.