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Treasure Chest: Griff Is Back @ Fratmen

by An Unpaid Intern

Fratmen’s Griff is a member favorite in the NC Inner Circle Fratmen Theatre. Outdoors loving and gym-addicted, Griff is happiest hiking or rock climbing, when not horsing around at home, or pursuing his incessant quest for pussy. He may entertain the idea of a guy sucking his dick — and he seems so easygoing that there’d be no harm in asking him.


Homosexual Fucking in the Frathouse: Reality Versus Fantasy

by An Unpaid Intern

A fascinating report in the University of Oregon’s newspaper The Daily Emerald — which is just the loveliest name for a newspaper — looks into gay guys living and loving inside the fantasy environs of the all-male campus hothouses. Andrew Lubash, a member of Delta Tau Delta, says that gay men are happily sprinkled throughout the fraternities, and that everything is calm and matter of fact.

Random Hotty: Trent @ Fratmen

by An Unpaid Intern

A picture can tell a thousand words, but there’s often no need for anything much to be said in response. Beyond phrases such as “can I please suck your cock?” there’s little call for language when presented with pictures of men like Trent, one of the stars of the Fratmen stable.