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Workout With Pavel Petel

by An Unpaid Intern

Eaten too much over the holidays? Feeling flabby? Don’t despair – rejoice in the role model that is Pavel Petel, a Russian DJ, bodybuilder and general entertainer. Whip your self back into shape following these eight basic exercises, and be sure to dress accordingly. Pavel demonstrates:


Drama: Manuel Deboxer Announces Retirement From Gay Porn/Immediately Announces Comeback

by An Unpaid Intern

LATE AFTERNOON, TUESDAY, 11 DECEMBER: French-Canadian Manuel Deboxer, the most handsome man in gay porn, has announced his surprise retirement from the industry. On his Facebook page this afternoon, Manuel wrote: Hello Guys, big news… I am retiring from porn. I thank you all for your support over the years. I will cherish your love forever. Best wishes to all and be kind to one another.

Random Hotty: Trent @ Fratmen

by An Unpaid Intern

A picture can tell a thousand words, but there’s often no need for anything much to be said in response. Beyond phrases such as “can I please suck your cock?” there’s little call for language when presented with pictures of men like Trent, one of the stars of the Fratmen stable.

The End of the World Is Near #2: Attack of Gigantism Man.

by An Unpaid Intern

Don’t ask me exactly what it is you’re looking at here. Maybe it’s someone playing around with that early-1980s SFX that makeup artist Rick Baker used to simulate “transformation” in hits including An American Werewolf In London? What I do know is that the video is part of the RentBoy.com profile of a gentleman named Eddie working out of Manhattan. What I also know is that the picture of Eddie’s cock (after the jump) is either very skilled Photoshop work, or simply terrifying.

The End of the World Is Near: Watch Porn

by An Unpaid Intern

Mayan prophecies indicate that everything finishes in just a short time from now, on December 21. Pro: nobody has to fear Christmas this year. Con: global travel will soon be a thing of the past. Luckily, producers of gay porn have been filming in exotic locales for decades now, and that means you can see the parts of the world you haven’t traveled to and now probably never will — as well as have hot, albeit vicarious, holiday sex — all without having to leave your room.

Fantasy in Reality: The Farmboy Diaries

by An Unpaid Intern

The Farmboy Diaries is a new series by Iowa-raised photographer Jay Diers. Diers shoots outdoors using only natural light, and pays rough homage to Nan Goldin and Larry Clark, two of his chief inspirations. Diers’ images are a blurred mix of naturalism and casual soft porn, art and erotica, man and boy, reality and fantasy. The shoot was done on an actual corn farm in Iowa, midwest farm country that’s not far from Chicago.

Tales of The Unexpected: Jason Bateman Ogles His Own Taint

by Shawn Baker

Here’s the thing: 99% of Hollywood comedies are awful — plastic, empty, mirthless, lazily-penned, artificial tripe that’s the cinematic equivalent of Velveeta. Hollywood comedies cling to asinine cliches that have no relevant connection to real life. Working women lose all sense of dignity when invited to a friend’s wedding and feel the need to pay male co-workers to be their dates.

Holiday Feast: Uncut Penis!

by John Calendo

Dark Meat, Light Meat, and Who Forgot the Cranberry Sauce — such are the challenges of Thanksgiving. But none of these seasonal questions so roil our beloved Nightcharmers as Cut or Uncut — a topic that comes up here way more often than Turkey Day. Every time we run a succulent peek-a-boo schlong like the lip-smacker above (on Sexgaymes model Marcos Pirelli) we race for higher ground, bracing ourselves for the killer wave, the Christmas tsunami of comments that floods in from a dependable army of pro- and anti- circumcision partisans.