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Serendipitous pic of the day

by An Unpaid Intern

When neither fighter backs down at weigh-in it turns in to OMG = overly manly gayness. Here’s Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman going, uhm, toe to toe.


Gorgeous Hawaiian guys on tumblr

by An Unpaid Intern

Here’s a tumblr that evokes a wee bit more of the summer sun for ya: The Hottest Guys From Hawai’i is a wide-ranging pictorial mix of Anglo, Asian, native and Euroasian boys, guys and men, men and guys. Guys and guys. Anyone who’s everyone been to Hawai’i knows that resistance to its charms is futile. Say aloha to each of them.


Retirement Homo: Lukas Ridgeston (Again, and Why Not?)

by An Unpaid Intern

Lukas Ridgeston cannot take a bad photo, and he looks almost as good as ever in these shots commissioned by Bel Ami to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lukas’ gay porn debut. I have no idea why photographer Rick Day has gone for a Wild West theme, with saddles, cowboy hats and the skull of an ox used as props, since if Lukas was known for anything, it was for being the anti-American gay porn star.


Back By Popular Demand: Marshall and Mick From Fratmen

by An Unpaid Intern

Whatever you do, don’t cum all over your keyboard. Moisture of any kind — coffee, wine, loads — can create all kinds of problems with your logic board, and if you’re an Apple customer, well you knows what that mean$. Marshall and Mick, Fratmen faves from way back and best j/o buds, know better, and though they get up on their knees and jerk each other off while watching their favorite online porn, they flop on their backs and shoot all over their abs when the time comes.


Here Cum the Holidaze, Guys!

by An Unpaid Intern

Bored with the notion of the approaching holidays? Well, who wouldn’t be – even Quentin Crisp, who was born on 25 December, 1908 – had little time for the festive season, rolling his eyes every time an interviewer asked him about his birthdate, and dismissing the fabled stable birth of Jesus as a “mere coincidence”. Before you go completely crazy, remember that if you’re reading this, then your internet connection is still working.



by An Unpaid Intern

Fratmen: Ageless and evergreen. You know they’ve been churning out frat house porn for nearly twenty years now? A couple of hundred of their scenes are available to members of our Inner Circle. In this scene, Jayden and Cole are kicking back in the fratpad enjoying some porn on the laptop. Well, we’ve all been there. It’s great to watch though, as these two spunky hotties start to play with each others’ cocks, before sucking each other off – what great buddies!


Chad Conners: A Matter of Size

by An Unpaid Intern

Being asked to name your favorite gay porn star is a bit like being asked to name your favorite color. Hundreds of answers are possible. But if someone put a gun to my head and said they would shoot me if I didn’t name my favorite porn star right then and there, I would say “the young Chad Conners”, and not just out of panic.


The Burgess Brothers: No Cock, No Problem.

by An Unpaid Intern

Sydney rugby studs the Burgess Brothers should need no introduction, since the last time we profiled them was when uncontrollable scamp George (one half of the twins — there’s four brothers in total), ran nude selfies of himself and his massive uncut cock and we put them up, unleashing an international media frenzy unseen since Nightcharm was featured on the Oprah show.


Joy In Repetition: Crushing on Paolo Mickey

by An Unpaid Intern

A picture is worth a thousand words. Ten thousand if you zoom in 100%. 100 thousand if you zoom in … and so on. In the gallery underneath this text are a few simple pictures of the European behemoth that is Paolo Mickey (sometimes spelled Paulo Mickey) who is featured in the Inner Circle this weekend getting his absolute brains fucked out, and he seems to really love it.


Last Gasp of Summer 2013: Griff and Abe Get Wet in the Inner Circle

by An Unpaid Intern

Fratpad buddies Griff and Abe are regulars in the Inner Circle. And, not surprisingly, member favorites. So it’s a treat to see out the last days of Summer 2013 with this new scene of Griff and Abe horsing around in the swimming pool before stripping off their boardies and going indoors, where they whack on some pussy porn and jack off together.


The Son Also Rises: Scott Eastwood Makes Our Day

by An Unpaid Intern

Clint Eastwood morphed from Dirty Harry and Dr. Spaghetti Western into 500-times Academy Award winning director in what seemed like the bat of an eye, but one thing he never really was, was hot. Sexy, manly — sure, of course. But good looking? Handsome? Not especially. Well, something’s skipped a generation as his son Scott, now a model posing shirtless for Tumblr and also advertising luxury watches for Town & Country magazine, is suck his cock and lick his sweaty balls HOT.