Lucas Entertainment Alpha Males New! Alpha Males
Brand new feed from Lucas Entertainment...
The Alpha is the individual in any community with the highest rank. Imagine what this means within the gay kingdom!
Michael Lucas Anthology New! Michael Lucas Anthology
Brand new feed from Lucas Entertainment...
Memories run deep, and so do the cocks jamming and ramming through an array of willing mouths and buttholes.
Lucas Mega Feed New! Lucas Mega Feed
Brand new feed from Lucas Entertainment...
We can't even describe what will happen to you once you tumble down this gay porn rabbit hole. Just bring a towel for maximum damage control.
Cocksure Men New! Cocksure Men
Just when you think Jake Cruise will never be topped he delivers some of gay porn's hunkiest, hottest men stroking and fucking their way to heaven.
On The Hunt New! On The Hunt
Forget trawling the internet's most popular man-on-man hookup site. Lube up and watch the nastiest online connections in America right from your couch.
High Octane New! High Octane
Horny, hot 'n hunky hustlers melting your monitor with their oversexed porno hijinks.
Lucas Entertainment Continental Cassanovas Continental Casanovas
From Lucas Entertainment...
From one corner of the globe to another, the world's best cocksuckers and ass fuckers sexing their way across the universe.
Lucas Entertainment Marked Men Marked Men
From Lucas Entertainment...
Ink, skin and lots of cum. The combination is addictive -- some skin poppers can't stop -- and we don't want them too.
Lucas Entertainment Rock Hard Rookies Rock Hard Rookies
From Lucas Entertainment...
Remember the flavor of cock during your first blowjob? If not these scorching clips will have you tasting pre-cum in no time.
Lucas Entertainment Man Eaters Man Eaters
From Lucas Entertainment...
Rimming, tongue-fucking and butthole excavation developed into a high art form.
Lucas Entertainment Sprayed and Laid Sprayed and Laid
From Lucas Entertainment...
Olympic-inspired water sports for those who remain eternally curious yellow.
Lucas Entertainment Brief Encounters Brief Encounters
From Lucas Entertainment...
Jock-straps, sports cups, Calvin Klein tighty whities, you know the look -- and the uncontrollable desire.
Lucas Entertainment Glamorous Gigolos Glamorous Gigolos
From Lucas Entertainment...
Man-whores who work HARD for a living. Name the lewd act and they'll deliver their price. (But brace yourself!)
Raging Stallion Raging Stallion
When you're tired of the twinks, the shaved balls and the namby pamby sex — you want to enter the Raging Stallion stables. Yum!
Fratmen Fratmen
Hard-bodied and horny college jocks play, strip, shower, stroke and plant their seed from Caifornia to New York! You'll faint.
Sexgaymes Sexgaymes
Fresh, raw, crazy and wild — from Australia. Hardcore sports vids that will leave you drained.
Treasure Island Treasure Island
Hot, raw, dripping man-sex! It's as wet as it gets at Paul Morris' Treasure Island.
Cyber Bears Cyber Bears
Big and fuzzy, warm and lovely. It's time to get nasty with the manly men.
Bare Bare!
From the indubitably nastee Hot Desert Knights production crew cums the net's most unfettered barebackin' action.
Fetish Force Fetish Force
Let the Fetish Force take you to the very edge of erotic experience and push past all your limits.
Jake Cruise Jake Cruise
Jake gets nasty with guys he should never rightly be able to sleep with. Hot!
Club Jeremy Hall Club Jeremy Hall
Home of gay porn superstar Jeremy Hall. Real jocks fucking like their pennants depended on it. Lots of straight dudes too!
Falcon Falcon
Falcon and gay porn go together like sucking and fucking. There’s really not much more to say other than bring a towel and your lube and start stroking.
Deep Oral Deep Oral
Linda Lovelace may have perfected the technique, but only a gay dude can suck a crank or chew out an asshole like this.
Military Men Military Men
You're "in" the army, now! And like how. These soldiers are indefatigable when it comes to performing their extraculiar details.
Monster Hung Monster Hung
When only the largest, beefiest, girthiest cock meat will suffice. Made for discriminating connoisseurs like you.
Bear Meat Bear Meat
Unshaved, hirsute, wild and horny — just like their namesake. Grrrrrrrr.
Black Magic Black Magic
Soul brothers bringing you the visual equivalent to a gay porn version of Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On!
Leather Studs Leather Studs
Someone has been bad. Someone will be spanked, and chained and thrown into a sling. Down on your knees muthafucka!
Barebackin Barebackin
The name says it all — raw, wet 'n wild. You'll be cumdrenched and drop-jaw!
Chub Club Chub Club
When size isn't an issue — these huge hunks show that bigger is really better.
Fetish Fiests Fetish Fiesta
Spank it, whip it, chain it, crank it, toe it, pit it — these guys work hard to redefine the word "kink."
Vintage Classics Vintage Classics
From the days of disco porn, loads and loads of wild, unfettered pre-condom insanity.
Asian Action Asian Action
These cute and smooth guys bring out the zing in zen!
Bisex Mojo Bisex Mojo
Into every gay life a little pussy must plop. If you love watching straight guys fuck like rabbits — these vids are for you.
Blacks in Whites Blacks in Whites
And whites in blacks — we just ran out of space to give you the full story!
Euro Twinks Euro Twinks
Saucy little Eurotwinks throw a penis party and you're invited!
Cop Patrol Cop Patrol
"Stop, punk — you're under arrest! Now, suck this." Unfettered cop action that will leave you drop-jaw.
Raw Hardcore Raw Hardcore
When you need the hardest, most outrageous pumping, sucking, rimming and cumming — only these vids will do.
Straight Bait Straight Bait
The wonder and power of the gay-curious and bi-curious. In other words: straight guys hankering to get their dick sucked or ass ploughed.
Latino Flavah Latino Flavah
Yo Pappi! Spicy and mega-monster hung. Not for the faint of heart. Thank goodness!
Twink Stars Twink Stars
Young, hung, fun — and you guessed it — FULL of cum. Fresh and smooth, and ready to rut!
Photo credits © 2012 Raging Stallion Studios, Lucas Entertainment and Treasure Island Media

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