Your August 2014 horoscopes

by Frederick Woodruff

Aries: Think about the power of language this month. The words that you use repeatedly start to define and control your world. So, change them up! Learn some new ones. Purchase a vocabulary book and make it a goal to learn one or two new words each week. By the time winter is here you’ll have a whole new plot worked out for your life.

Summertime Pool Boy Mix by Vooduude

by An Unpaid Intern

One of our favorite tumblr brothers, Vooduude, offers up another of his fab mixes. Keep an ear out for Jessie Ware’s awesome Tough Love. One of the summer’s best new songs! Track list after the jump:


How a book of photos changed my life: photographer Ryan McGinley

by Matt Pizzuti

My high school photography teacher once pulled me aside with a secret. He said, I want to show you a book I ordered — but you have to keep it low-key. I’ll leave that teacher unnamed, though he was one of the most transformational public school teachers I had growing up, on account of the many things he gave me a chance to see.


Kyle Kingsbury backends into LGBT support

by An Unpaid Intern

After a two-year absence from the sports world, Ultimate Fighting Championship light-heavyweight scrapper Kyle Kingsbury showed his support for the LGBT community during the FOX 12 weigh-ins in San Jose, California last week. What a champ! (And bringin’ the beard back, too!) Video after the jump.


Ten things gay men are still learning to love about our bodies

by Matt Pizzuti

After centuries of religious oppression and decades of sexual shaming and second-class citizenship, gay men are finally achieving legal and social equality with the ability to confidently come out. But we still have a lot to work on when it comes to self-acceptance, especially within our own community and for our bodies. Here are ten things we often get hung up on: 10.

Benoit & Sergio’s weird ode to old Japan

by David K.

A sneak look and listen to D.C.-based deep-house mavens Benoit & Sergio’s latest project. The above video is set to their driving, wistful title track from their new EP Darkness. The video revels in images and old VHS videos of Tokyo in the 1980s. Kateb Habib directed the video, and it’s our music pick for the week. 


Nightcharm lifts its veil: Meet your new editor

by Matt Pizzuti

About seven years ago, I got a curious, unexpected email from former Nightcharm editor John Calendo. He’d discovered my personal blog from a comment I left on a Nightcharm article, and wondered if I’d be interested in contributing to the site. I was stoked. As a 22-year-old college student, for a rate of five cents a word, I’d just landed my very first paid writing gig.


We’ve Turned the Disco Ball Back On

by David K.

And with a new DJ at the turntable. Please welcome Nightcharm’s new editor-in-chief (right) Matt Pizzuti. Matt’s from Colorado, so he’s got a wide and high perspective – a little bit renegade but always civil. He can string syntax spectacularly. And he’s also handsome. Those are important qualities for an editor to have at his command. And, too, a guy’s face is always his fortune, so it’s a stellar combination — especially in this era of a instant information and the omnipresence of selfies.


Sexting: In the future, *everyone* will be naked for 15 minutes

by Matt Pizzuti

One of my college sociology professors argued that gay men expanded the sexual options for straight people. He wasn’t talking about straight guys going trade in bathroom stalls in urban areas but about the world of socially-accepted ideas about sex. Gay men pioneered oral and anal sex, he said. With mainstream awareness of gay lives came awareness of gay men’s necessary improvisations for penetrative sex, which in turn gave straight people ideas for having fun without anyone getting pregnant.


“Femininity”? Sensitivity and thoughtfulness belong to any gender

by Mark Adnum

Though I’d kill for the navy blue sequinned number worn by the guy in the first photo (below) and though the long-haired lad in the final photo may be a tad androgynous, there’s simply nothing at all “feminine” about any of the men in this gorgeous series of photos by Nir Arieli described by the Huffington Post as “capturing the feminine side of masculinity”.

Artist’s Antonio da Silva’s Selfie Obsessions

by Richard

Remember when dick pics were something new? When, to take one, you actually had to haul out a camera (maybe even one that used film), import the shot to your laptop (maybe even a desktop), crop it, and upload it to or Manhunt or one of three other sites that horny gays used back in The Day? We’ve come a long way, baby.