Saheer Zamata on first impressions

by Matt Pizzuti

The Saturday Night Live comedienne’s run-in with a guy who flashed her his dick on the street takes Grindr in real life to a whole new level.


Lost in the storm: On the island of lost gay porn gems

by Shawn Baker

Everything should be on DVD. It’s a claim I’ve made many a time in my Myra Breckinridge fits of movie mania. I just can’t abide by any film — no matter how terrible or forgettable — ending up in an oubliette. Every movie is somebody’s favorite flick/personal fantasy made real. Somewhere out there is a lonely soul who will find something to love about the likes of I Know Who Killed Me or Stop!


Today in tattoos

by David K.

Not for the timid or tiny-meated.


Serendipitous pic of the day

by An Unpaid Intern

When neither fighter backs down at weigh-in it turns in to OMG = overly manly gayness. Here’s Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman going, uhm, toe to toe.

Queer slang glossary: 'Vampire/vampiring' — gay men looking for hookups late at night, or the act of looking for a hookup late at night.


No, that’s not Conchita

by An Unpaid Intern

Today’s animated GIF is brought to you by Freddy Mercury. From the 1984 music video “I want to break free.” (link)


3 questions with Dale Cooper, the smartest guy in porn

by Matt Pizzuti

You don’t see many popular gay porn stars talk about feminism and queer theory with the savy of a trained sexologist, which is why Dale Cooper is by far your favorite person in porn if you’re sapiosexual like we are. Given his smart and ethically-mindful take, we were thrilled to catch a minute of his time in our first interview of the new Nightcharm.

If real life was like Grindr…

by An Unpaid Intern

Nailed it.


A new Tennessee Loveless Nightcharm mix for the rest of your summer

by Tennessee Loveless

It’s the 2nd session of Mojave, a set all about luscious ethereal down tempo sounds intermixed with western blurry guitar riffs. I decided to focus this around the recent intense summer weather out here in Las Vegas — particularly right now, which is what the locals call “monsoon season”. I hadn’t heard anything about this season until a few weeks ago, when the clouds started coming in.


Where’s the fucking sizzle? Our model analyst checks out the Deidad Show

by Nightcharm

No stranger to runway modeling — (I worked it in Vancouver, Tokyo and London) — all I can say is sack the fucking lot of these guys! And the choreographer. And anyone else who “designed” this lackluster presentation. (See video below for proof). The designer’s work is actually pretty cool. What I’m amazed by is the mostly apathetic bunch of over puffy dudes (models?

‘It’s sort of like gay vagina anthropology’

by Matt Pizzuti

If hipsters love irony (and they do), this is about the most hipster you can get.