A new Tennessee Loveless Nightcharm mix for the rest of your summer

by Tennessee Loveless

It’s the 2nd session of Mojave, a set all about luscious ethereal down tempo sounds intermixed with western blurry guitar riffs. I decided to focus this around the recent intense summer weather out here in Las Vegas — particularly right now, which is what the locals call “monsoon season”. I hadn’t heard anything about this season until a few weeks ago, when the clouds started coming in.


Where’s the fucking sizzle? Our model analyst checks out the Deidad Show

by Nightcharm

No stranger to runway modeling — (I worked it in Vancouver, Tokyo and London) — all I can say is sack the fucking lot of these guys! And the choreographer. And anyone else who “designed” this lackluster presentation. (See video below for proof). The designer’s work is actually pretty cool. What I’m amazed by is the mostly apathetic bunch of over puffy dudes (models?

‘It’s sort of like gay vagina anthropology’

by Matt Pizzuti

If hipsters love irony (and they do), this is about the most hipster you can get.

Fun with gender stereotypes

by Matt Pizzuti

Have you ever wondered what the real differences between men’s and women’s deodorants are? The answer, apparently, is nothing except the color of the packaging — and the price. For countless consumer products, identical formulas are packaged and marketed separately “for men” and “for women,” and as cynical as the strategy might be, it seems to be a really effective way to increase sales.


Gorgeous Hawaiian guys on tumblr

by An Unpaid Intern

Here’s a tumblr that evokes a wee bit more of the summer sun for ya: The Hottest Guys From Hawai’i is a wide-ranging pictorial mix of Anglo, Asian, native and Euroasian boys, guys and men, men and guys. Guys and guys. Anyone who’s everyone been to Hawai’i knows that resistance to its charms is futile. Say aloha to each of them.


Troubled pic of the day…

by An Unpaid Intern

We’re guessing that the trailer park in the back is the central clue as to whatever in the fuck is going on (or attempting to be declared) here.


Your August 2014 horoscopes

by Frederick Woodruff

Aries: Think about the power of language this month. The words that you use repeatedly start to define and control your world. So, change them up! Learn some new ones. Purchase a vocabulary book and make it a goal to learn one or two new words each week. By the time winter is here you’ll have a whole new plot worked out for your life.

Summertime Pool Boy Mix by Vooduude

by An Unpaid Intern

One of our favorite tumblr brothers, Vooduude, offers up another of his fab mixes. Keep an ear out for Jessie Ware’s awesome Tough Love. One of the summer’s best new songs! Track list after the jump:


How a book of photos changed my life: photographer Ryan McGinley

by Matt Pizzuti

My high school photography teacher once pulled me aside with a secret. He said, I want to show you a book I ordered — but you have to keep it low-key. I’ll leave that teacher unnamed, though he was one of the most transformational public school teachers I had growing up, on account of the many things he gave me a chance to see.