Glen Hanson: The Party Boys of ‘Toon Town

John Calendo / 05-07-2005 / 15 Comments »

The wonderful bicycle messenger above with his top-to-bottom tire-track tattoo is part Disney, part Tom of Finland and all Glen Hanson. In fact, the 39-year-old illustrator has worked for both Disney and Hanna-Barbera, as well as for Torso, Inches and Honcho magazines! You might think that a guy who ...

Mann Bait: The Art of the Low Life

David K. / 05-01-2005 / 3 Comments »

With downbeat colors and the lurid Naked City imagery of Depression-era painters like Reginald Marsh, Owen Smith is single-handedly reviving the venacular style of a coarse and brutal America only glimpsed now in the HBO series Carnivale and the shadowy neo-noir film Sin City. His painting "Don't Ask" (above) is ...

Palanca: Foot-Worship Artist

John Calendo / 03-19-2005 / 12 Comments »

Feet, the illustrator Palanca admits, were not always part of his beat-off art. For 10 years he was more interested in "giant dicks, giant balls and bald, hairy-monkey men." Then in 1995, barefeet, usually with their soles up and right in the viewer's face, began swelling to ...


Retirement Homo: Lukas Ridgeston (Again, and Why Not?)

Mark Adnum / 02-27-2014 / No Comments »

Lukas Ridgeston cannot take a bad photo, and he looks almost as good as ever in these shots commissioned by Bel Ami to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lukas' gay porn debut. I have no idea why photographer Rick Day has gone for a Wild West theme, with saddles, cowboy hats and the skull of an ox used as props, since ...



Administrator / 12-24-2013 / No Comments »

It's the latest vid addition to the Inner Circle, the always popular Michael Lucas secret audition videos. Here are the details: Muscle man Alessio Romero goes straight for blond heartthrob Logan's armpits, initiating a great Auditions pairing. Logan slurps Alessio's balls and swallows his cock playfully, as Alessio ...


Mouths Wide Shut: A Raw Oral Blast From The Past

Shawn Baker / 12-09-2013 / 30 Comments »

Existential profundities can on occasion arise from the most shallow of sources. During my sophomore year of college I struck up a ridiculously improbable relationship with the resident borderline retarded BMOC that merged the platonic with the romantic. The nearest he ever came to exhibiting what could be termed an ...


Boning Up On Porn

David K. / 12-07-2013 / 19 Comments »

When I was eighteen I did what many budding homos from the burbs did. I moved to Hollywood. My mom helped me secure my first apartment, gave me her old car and wished me luck for finding work. I'd have gotten a job sooner, and not depleted my minuscule savings so quickly, if I hadn't lived right down the street from ...


Treasure Island Scandal: Fucktards (How UnPC!)

Administrator / 12-06-2013 / No Comments »

Yep, we're still playing these outrageous scenes in our Treasure Island Theater, one after the other from the new classic Fucktard. As Paul Morris warns: "Approach real sex, real risk and danger and you'll feel your brain start to fog up. Get closer to the fire and your IQ plummets lower, lower, lower until you're a ...

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