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Individuality: is it the human animal's greatest foible, or it's greatest folly?

Yes, when it comes to breaking from the pack in order to assert our uniqueness, we do so by not just perversely emulating the exact same thing everyone else is doing, but trying to outdo them at it. This has resulted in some abysmal trends over the years, the most ubiquitously current one being the tattoo...


Have you ever wondered what the real differences between men's and women's deodorants are? The answer, apparently, is nothing except the color of the packaging — and the price.

For countless consumer products, identical formulas are packaged and marketed separately "for men" and "for women," and as cynical as the strategy might be, it seems to be a really effective way to increase...


Bruce LaBruce's next film will be Gerontophilia , a love story of sorts -- the director describes it as a “reverse Lolita ” -- between an eighty-one year old man and an eighteen-year-old boy. The old man, Mr. Peabody, lost the love of his life, Smitty, when they were both in their twenties in a swimming accident. Alone for most of his life, and finally abandoned in an assisted living facility...


Eaten too much over the holidays? Feeling flabby? Don't despair - rejoice in the role model that is Pavel Petel , a Russian DJ, bodybuilder and general entertainer.

Whip your self back into shape following these eight basic exercises, and be sure to dress accordingly. Pavel demonstrates:



Don't ask me exactly what it is you're looking at here. Maybe it's someone playing around with that early-1980s SFX that makeup artist Rick Baker used to simulate "transformation" in hits including An American Werewolf In London ?

What I do know is that the video is part of the profile of a gentleman named Eddie working out of Manhattan. What I also know is that the...


If you don’t believe in a world ruled by secret, unseen forces that control how we think, feel, and treat others, there’s a quick remedy to your delusion: Tear a twenty dollar bill into tiny, useless pieces. Better yet, do it in front of a friend. One or both of you will gasp, feel sick, feel remorse. All over a little piece of paper.

Of course, it’s not the paper itself, but the...



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